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Node's framework for interactive CLIs.


Build Status NPM Downloads Package Quality NPM Version XO code style > Conquer the command-line. text (O) <M o <M /| ...... /:M\------------------------------------------------,,,,,, (O)[ vorpal ]::@+}==========================================------------> \| ^^^^^^ \:W/------------------------------------------------'''''' o <W <W (O) Vorpal is Node’s first framework for building interactive CLI applications. With a simple and powerful API, Vorpal opens the door to a new breed of rich, immersive CLI environments like cash and wat.


This is now an OPEN Open Source project. I am not able to invest a significant amount of time into maintaining Vorpal and so am looking for volunteers who would like to be active maintainers of the project. If you are interested, shoot me a note.


* Introduction * Getting Started * API * Extensions * FAQ * License


Inspired by and based on commander.js, Vorpal is a framework for building immersive CLI applications built on an interactive prompt provided by inquirer.js. Vorpal launches Node into an isolated CLI environment and provides a suite of API commands and functionality including: * [x] Simple, powerful command creation * [x] Supports optional, required and variadic arguments and options * [x] Piped commands * [x] Persistent command history * [x] Built-in help * [x] Built-in tabbed auto-completion * [x] Command-specific auto-completion * [x] Customizable prompts * [x] Extensive terminal control * [x] Custom event listeners * [x] And more Vorpal supports community extensions, which empower it to do awesome things such as piping commands to less, importing commands live or supporting a built-in REPL. Made with :heart: by dthree.

Getting Started

Quick Start

Install vorpal into your project: bash $ npm install vorpal --save Create a .js file and add the following: js const vorpal = require('vorpal')(); vorpal .command('foo', 'Outputs "bar".') .action(function(args, callback) { this.log('bar'); callback(); }); vorpal .delimiter('myapp$') .show(); This creates an instance of Vorpal, adds a command which logs “bar”, sets the prompt delimiter to say “myapp$”, and shows the prompt. Run your project file. Your Node app has become a CLI: bash $ node server.js myapp~$ Try out your “foo” command. bash myapp~$ foo bar myapp~$ Now type “help” to see Vorpal’s built in commands in addition to “foo”: bash myapp~$ help Commands help [command] Provides help for a given command. exit [options] Exits instance of Vorpal. foo Outputs "bar". myapp~$ There’s the basics. Once you get the hang of it, follow this tutorial or read on to learn what else Vorpal can do.


Questions? Use the vorpal.js StackOverflow tag for fast answers that help others, or jump into chat on Gitter. - Stack Overflow - Gitter Chat - Vorpal extensions - Projects made with Vorpal - Follow @vorpaljs



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