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Custom Jupyter Notebook Themes


Theme-ify your Jupyter Notebooks!

plots & equations


markdown & text cells


pandas dataframes


command palette


oceans16 syntax


grade3 syntax


onedork syntax


chesterish syntax



  • Super stoked that people are taking the time to post issues and pull requests with new features/themes/etc. As I’m currently finishing up my dissertation I will most likely be slow to respond to any/all issues/PRs raised between now and December. By all means, keep ‘em coming and I’ll get back to providing regular support around the holidays. Regards -kyle

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  • Python 2.7, 3.3, 3.4, or 3.5
  • Jupyter (Anaconda recommended)

Recent updates

  • misc visibility improvements
  • altlayout is now default for grade3 (white bg for txt/markdown)
  • full functionality has been added for Python 3.5
  • better theme integration for command palette, keyboard shortcuts
  • integration with Running, Clusters, and NBExtension pages.
  • added font options for code-cells and notebook body
  • vim nbextension compatibility provided by alextfkd
  • customizable cursor color and size

Install with pip

pip install jupyterthemes

Command Line Usage

usage: jt [-h] [-l] [-t THEME] [-f MONOFONT] [-fs MONOSIZE] [-nf NBFONT]
          [-nfs NBFONTSIZE] [-tf TCFONT] [-tfs TCFONTSIZE] [-m MARGINS]
          [-cursw CURSORWIDTH] [-cursc CURSORCOLOR] [-cellw CELLWIDTH]
          [-lineh LINEHEIGHT] [-alt] [-vim] [-T] [-N] [-r]
options arg default
Usage help -h
List Themes -l
Theme Name to Install -t
Code Font -f droidmono
Code Font-Size -fs 11
Notebook Font -nf exosans
Notebook Font Size -nfs 13
Text/MD Cell Font -tf loraserif
Text/MD Cell Fontsize -tfs 13
Intro Page Margins -m auto
Cell Width -cellw 980
Line Height -lineh 170
Cursor Width -cursw 2
Cursor Color -cursc
Alt Text/MD Layout -alt
Alt Prompt Layout -altp
Style Vim NBExt* -vim
Toolbar Visible -T
Name & Logo Visible -N
Restore Default -r


# list available themes
# oceans16 | grade3 | chesterish | onedork
jt -l

# select theme...
jt -t chesterish

# toggle toolbar ON and notebook name ON
jt -t grade3 -T -N

# set code font to 'Roboto Mono' 12pt
# (see monospace font table below)
jt -t oceans16 -f roboto -fs 12

# set code font to Fira Mono, 11.5pt
# 3digit font-size gets converted into float (115-->11.5)
jt -t grade3 -f fira -fs 115

# set text-cell/markdown and notebook fonts
# (see sans-serif & serif font tables below)
jt -t onedork -tf georgiaserif -nf droidsans

# adjust cell width, line-height of codecells
jt -t chesterish -cellw 900 -lineh 170

# fix the container-margins on the intro page (defaults to 'auto')
jt -t onedork -m 200

# adjust cursor width (in px) and make cursor red (r)
# options: b (blue), o (orange), r (red), p (purple), g (green)
jt -t grade3 -cursc r -cursw 5

# toggle toolbar ON and notebook name ON
jt -t grade3 -T -N

# choose alternate txt/markdown layout (-alt)
# and alternate cell prompt (narrow, no numbers)
jt -t grade3 -alt -altp

# restore default theme
jt -r

Monospace Fonts (codecells)

-f arg Monospace Font
anka Anka/Coder
anonymous Anonymous Pro
aurulent Aurulent Sans Mono
bitstream Bitstream Vera Sans Mono
bpmono BPmono
code Code New Roman
consolamono Consolamono
cousine Cousine
dejavu DejaVu Sans Mono
droidmono Droid Sans Mono
fira Fira Mono
firacode Fira Code
generic Generic Mono
hack Hack
inconsolata Inconsolata-g
inputmono Input Mono
liberation Liberation Mono
meslo Meslo
office Office Code Pro
oxygen Oxygen Mono
roboto Roboto Mono
saxmono saxMono
source Source Code Pro
sourcemed Source Code Pro Medium
ptmono PT Mono
ubuntu Ubuntu Mono

Sans-Serif Fonts

-nf/-tf arg Sans-Serif Font
exosans Exo_2
opensans Open Sans
droidsans Droid Sans
latosans Lato
ptsans PT Sans
robotosans Roboto
sourcesans Source Sans Pro
amikosans Amiko
nobilesans Nobile
alegreyasans Alegreya
armatasans Armata
cambaysans Cambay
catamaransans Catamaran
franklinsans Libre Franklin
frankruhlsans Frank Ruhl
gothicsans Carrois Gothic
gudeasans Gudea
hindsans Hind
jaldisans Jaldi
makosans Mako
merrisans Merriweather Sans
mondasans Monda
oxygensans Oxygen Sans
pontanosans Pontano Sans
puritansans Puritan Sans
ralewaysans Raleway

Serif Fonts

-nf/-tf arg Serif Font
loraserif Lora
andadaserif Andada
arapeyserif Arapey
ptserif PT Serif
georgiaserif Georgia
cardoserif Cardo
crimsonserif Crimson Text
droidserif Droid Serif
ebserif EB Garamond
merriserif Merriweather
notoserif Noto Serif
vesperserif Vesper Libre
scopeserif ScopeOne
sanchezserif Sanchez
neutonserif Neuton
rasaserif Rasa
goudyserif Sorts Mill Goudy
vollkornserif Vollkorn

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-   v0.8.0 zip tar
-   v0.7.8 zip tar