Financial market technical analysis & indicators in Julia

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Indicators is a Julia package offering efficient implementations of many technical analysis indicators and algorithms. This work is inspired by the TTR package in R and the Python implementation of TA-Lib, and the ultimate goal is to implement all of the functionality of these offerings (and more) in Julia.


Moving Averages

  • SMA (simple moving average)
  • WMA (weighted moving average)
  • EMA (exponential moving average)
  • TRIMA (triangular moving average)
  • KAMA (Kaufman adaptive moving average)
  • MAMA (MESA adaptive moving average, developed by John Ehlers)
  • HMA (Hull moving average)
  • ALMA (Arnaud-Legoux moving average)
  • SWMA (sine-weighted moving average)
  • DEMA (double exponential moving average)
  • TEMA (tripe exponential moving average)
  • MLR (moving linear regression)
    • Prediction
    • Slope
    • Intercept
    • Standard error
    • Upper & lower bound
    • R-squared

Momentum Indicators

  • Momentum (n-day price change)
  • ROC (rate of change)
  • MACD (moving average convergence-divergence)
  • RSI (relative strength index)
  • ADX (average directional index)
  • Parabolic SAR (stop and reverse)
  • Fast & slow stochastics
  • SMI (stochastic momentum indicator)
  • KST (Know Sure Thing)
  • Williams %R
  • CCI (commodity channel index)
  • Donchian channel
  • Aroon indicator + oscillator

Volatility Indicators

  • Bollinger Bands
  • Average True Range
  • Keltner Bands


  • Rolling/running mean
  • Rolling/running standard deviation
  • Rolling/running variance
  • Rolling/running covariance
  • Rolling/running correlation
  • Rolling/running maximum
  • Rolling/running minimum
  • Rolling/running MAD (mean absolute deviation)


  • Moving Linear Regression
  • KAMA (Kaufman adaptive moving average)
  • DEMA (double exponential moving average)
  • TEMA (tripe exponential moving average)
  • ALMA (Arnaud Legoux moving average)
  • Parabolic SAR
  • Williams %R
  • KST (know sure thing)
  • CCI (commodity channel index)
  • ROC (rate of change)
  • Momentum
  • Donchian Channel
  • Aroon Indicator / Aroon Oscillator
  • Stochastics
    • Slow Stochastics
    • Fast Stochastics
    • Stochastic Momentum Index
  • Hamming moving average
  • MMA (modified moving average)
  • VWMA (volume-weighted moving average)
  • VWAP (volume-weighted average price)
  • ZLEMA (zero lag exponential moving average)
  • EVWMA (elastic, volume-weighted moving average)
  • VMA (variable-length moving average)
  • Chaikin Money Flow
  • Ultimate Oscillator
  • OBV (on-balance volume)
  • Too many more to name…


Randomly generated data:

alt text

Apple (AAPL) daily data from 2015:

alt text

Corn futures daily data

alt text