Alternate formulae repos for Homebrew

6 years after


This repository contains "unofficial" formulae for Homebrew.

ATTN: the duplicates and versions directories have been moved to their own repositories:

Installing Homebrew-alt Formulae

Just brew tap adamv/alt and then brew install <formula>.

If the formula conflicts with one in mxcl/master, you can brew install adamv/alt/<formula>.

You can also install via URL:

brew install https://raw.github.com/adamv/homebrew-alt/master/<directory>/<formula>.rb


  • fonts

  • head-only
    Formulae that provide only the latest development HEAD.

  • mono

  • non-free
    Formulae that provide non-free software.

  • other
    Miscellaneous formulae that do not meet the criteria for acceptance into mxcl/master.

  • unmaintained
    Formulae for abandoned and unmaintained software.


brew help, man brew, or the Homebrew wiki.