A collection of small jQuery trinkets

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h1. jQuery stuff

h4. A grabbag of plugins I've written over the years

This is a humble repository of jQuery plugins that I've written for our projects. These are usually small plugins (<75 sloc).

If you're to use any of these, I encourage you to just drop it into your project and maintain it yourself--I can't claim maintain these in a backward-compatible manner.

These plugins make great 'starting points' for whatever you'll need. Take them and modify them (or not) as you see fit.

h3. Super-useful

These things are often basic features that most sites/webapps I work on need.

| "Anchorjump":../../tree/master/anchorjump | Make anchor links scroll smoothly | | "Autoexpand":../../tree/master/autoexpand | Makes text fields auto-size its height | | "ButtonLoading":../../tree/master/buttonloading | Show 'loading...' text on buttons | | "Console Shim":../../tree/master/console-shim * | Makes console.log() silently fail if the browser doesn't support it | | "Growl":../../tree/master/growl | Lightweight notification library | | "MailcheckHint":../../tree/master/mailcheckhint | Simple one-shot integration with Kicksend Mailcheck | | "Scrollagent":../../tree/master/scrollagent | Simple scrollspy implementation | | "Tabs":../../tree/master/tabs | Simple tab control | | "Toggleable":../../tree/master/toggleable | Simple toggle menu helper | | "UIScreen":../../tree/master/uiscreen | Blacks out things | | "Unorphan":../../tree/master/unorphan | Prevents text orphans |

h3. Quite useful

Still very useful in a lot of common cases, but not as common as the ones above.

| "Ajax Submit":../../tree/master/ajaxsubmit | Submits a form via AJAX instead of a page load | | "Cycler":../../tree/master/cycler * | Cycles through a list (lightweight carousel/slideshow) | | "Ellipsify":../../tree/master/ellipsify | Truncates text with ellipses | | "Ensurevisible":../../tree/master/ensurevisible | Scrolls a pane to reveal a given item | | "Fadeonload":../../tree/master/fadeonload | Fades images in on load | | "HiDPI":../../tree/master/hidpi | Automatically uses 2x images for retina displays in images | | "NoMobileScroll":../../tree/master/nomobilescroll | Prevent document body scrolling on iOS apps | | "Prevent Overscroll":../../tree/master/preventoverscroll | Stop pages from scrolling when scrolling through a panel | | "Pseudoinput":../../tree/master/pseudoinput | Highlight the container of inputs when they're focused | | "Scrollstick":../../tree/master/scrollstick | Makes elements stick to the top when it's outside the scroll viewport | | "Smartquotes":../../tree/master/smartquotes | Translates plain ASCII punctuation into typographic punctuation |

h3. Niche uses

Useful in some rarer cases.

| "SizeResponder":../../tree/master/size_responder | Performs callbacks when the browser is resized to/from a given range | | "Fillsize":../../tree/master/fillsize | Makes an element fill up its container | | "Sort":../../tree/master/sort | Sorts DOM elements | | "Timer":../../tree/master/timer * | General-purpose wrapper for setTimeout |

h3. Kinda deprecated / obsolete

I don't find myself using these often anymore. Or, at all. But they work!

| "Livenavigate":../../tree/master/livenavigate | In-page navigation that doesn't break the back button and actually changes the URL | | "Instance":../../tree/master/instance | Lightweight views |

* = no dependency on jQuery

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