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A spotify console application

A spotify console app

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A very early stage of a spotify console application.

Requirements: Libspotify SDK & PortAudio & Spotify user subscribed to the Premium tier of the Spotify Service (Libspotify SDK terms of use).


  • Download current version 0.3.0

  • Install dependencies:


$ sudo pacman -S portaudio
$ sudo yaourt -S libspotify

Ubuntu & debian

$ curl | sudo apt-key add - && sudo curl -o /etc/apt/sources.list.d/mopidy.list
$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install -y libportaudio2 libspotify12 --no-install-recommends 


Install brew, the missing package manager for OS X and

$ brew tap homebrew/binary
$ brew install portaudio
$ brew install libspotify
$ cd /usr/local/opt/libspotify/lib/
$ ln -s libspotify.dylib libspotify
  • Run ./sconsify

alt tag


There are 2 modes:

  • Console user interface mode: it presents a text user interface with playlists and tracks.

  • No user interface mode: it doesn’t present user interface and just suffle tracks.


  • -username="": Spotify username. If not present username will be asked.

  • Password will be asked. To not be asked you can set an environment variable with your password export SCONSIFY_PASSWORD=password. Be aware your password will be exposed as plain text.

  • -ui=true/false: Run Sconsify with Console User Interface. If false then no User Interface will be presented and it’ll only shuffle tracks.

  • -playlists="": Select just some playlists to play. Comma separated list.

No UI Parameters

  • -noui-repeat-on=true/false: Play your playlist and repeat it after the last track.

  • -noui-silent=true/false: Silent mode when no UI is used.

  • -noui-shuffle=true/false: Shuffle tracks or follow playlist order.

UI mode keyboard

  • ← ↓ ↑ → for navigation.

  • space or enter: play selected track.

  • >: play next track.

  • p: pause.

  • /: open a search field.

  • s: shuffle tracks from current playlist. Press again to go back to normal mode.

  • S: shuffle tracks from all playlists. Press again to go back to normal mode.

  • u: queue selected track to play next.

  • d: delete selected track from the queue or delete selected search.

  • D: delete all tracks from the queue if the focus is on the queue.

  • PageUp PageDown Home End.

  • Control C or q: exit.

Vi navigation style:

  • h j k l for navigation.

  • Nj and Nk where N is a number: repeat the command N times.

  • gg: go to first element.

  • G: go to last element.

  • Ngg and NG where N is a number: go to element at position N.

No UI mode keyboard

  • >: play next track.

  • Control C: exit.


Similar to .ackrc you can define default parameters in ~/.sconsify/sconsifyrc:


How to build

Install go 1.5 (1.6 doesn’t work because of new gco pointer rules), glide and get a Spotify application key and copy as a byte array to /sconsify/spotify/spotify_key_array.key.

var key = []byte{
    0x02, 0xA2, ...
  • osx only: brew install pkgconfig

  • make build

When building for OSX you may face an issue where it doesn’t get your application key. Just retry the build that eventually it will get the key.

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