Autostart brew-installed Jenkins as a user when the Mac boots

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When you install Jenkins via homebrew, there is no way to auto-start it after the Mac booted and still have access to the standard Keychain.

You still want Jenkins to run as a standard user process to have permissions to the Keychain and code signing and easier ways to debug problems.

Introducing Brewed Jenkins

How does it work?

You download a Jenkins app, which does nothing else, but launch the jenkins process. Since it is an app, the Mac will launch it as the standard user.

Getting started

First, install Jenkins using brew install jenkins

To enable auto start for Jenkins, follow this guide:

  • Download Brewed Jenkins and extract it somewhere save on your Mac and follow these steps:
  • Start the Jenkins app at least once, to verify you want to run a third party application
  • Open System Preferences
  • Open Users & Groups
  • Switch to Login Items
  • Click the +
  • Choose the Jenkins file you just downloaded

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