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This plugin adds Go language support for Vim, with the following main features:

  • Build with :GoBuild, install with :GoInstall or test with :GoTest (run single tests via :GoTestFunc)
  • Show test coverage with :GoCoverage or in browser with :GoCoverageBrowser
  • Goto definition with :GoDef
  • Quick jump to declarations with :GoDecls or :GoDeclsDir
  • Show documentation with :GoDoc inside or in browser with :GoDocBrowser
  • Quickly execute your current file/files with :GoRun
  • Advanced source analysis tools utilizing guru, such as :GoImplements, :GoCallees, and :GoReferrers
  • Change or display GOPATH with :GoPath
  • Multiple 3rd linter support with :GoMetaLinter
  • Renaming identifiers with :GoRename
  • Share your code to with :GoPlay
  • Switch between *.go and *_test.go code with :GoAlternate
  • Add/Remove tags on struct fields with :GoAddTags
  • Add import paths via :GoImport or remove them with :GoDrop
  • Custom vim text objects such as a function (af) or inner function (if)
  • … and many more! Please see doc/vim-go.txt for more information.


Master branch is a development branch. Please use with caution. I recommend to use the latest stable release

Vim-go follows the standard runtime path structure. Below are some helper lines for popular package managers:

  • Pathogen
    • git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vim-go
  • vim-plug
    • Plug 'fatih/vim-go'
  • Vim packages
    • git clone ~/.vim/pack/plugins/start/vim-go

After installing, please install all necessary binaries. We have a handy command for it:


for more information please check out the documentation


Official documentation can be found under doc/vim-go.txt. You can display it from within Vim with:

:help vim-go

We also have an official vim-go tutorial.


The BSD 3-Clause License - see LICENSE for more details

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