'httpclient' gives something like the functionality of libwww-perl (LWP) in Ruby.

httpclient - HTTP accessing library. Copyright © 2000-2012 NAKAMURA, Hiroshi [email protected].

‘httpclient’ gives something like the functionality of libwww-perl (LWP) in Ruby. ‘httpclient’ formerly known as ‘http-access2’.

See HTTPClient for documentation.

== Features

  • methods like GET/HEAD/POST/* via HTTP/1.1.

  • HTTPS(SSL), Cookies, proxy, authentication(Digest, NTLM, Basic), etc.

  • asynchronous HTTP request, streaming HTTP request.

  • by contrast with net/http in standard distribution;

    • Cookies support
    • MT-safe
    • streaming POST (POST with File/IO)
    • Digest auth
    • Negotiate/NTLM auth for WWW-Authenticate (requires net/ntlm module; rubyntlm gem)
    • NTLM auth for Proxy-Authenticate (requires ‘win32/sspi’ module; rubysspi gem)
    • extensible with filter interface
    • you don’t have to care HTTP/1.1 persistent connection (httpclient cares instead of you)
  • Not supported now

    • Cache
    • Rather advanced HTTP/1.1 usage such as Range, deflate, etc. (of course you can set it in header by yourself)

== Author

Name:: Hiroshi Nakamura E-mail:: [email protected] Project web site::

== License

This program is copyrighted free software by NAKAMURA, Hiroshi. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms of Ruby’s license; either the dual license version in 2003, or any later version.

httpclient/session.rb is based on http-access.rb in http-access/0.0.4. Some part of code in http-access.rb was recycled in http-access2.rb. Those part is copyrighted by Maehashi-san who made and distributed http-access/0.0.4. Many thanks to Maehashi-san.

== Install

=== Gem

You can install httpclient with rubygems.

% gem install httpclient

=== Package

You can install httpclient with the bundled installer script.

$ ruby install.rb

It will install lib/* to your site_ruby directory such as /usr/local/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/.

For uninstall, delete installed files from your site_ruby directory.

== Usage

See HTTPClient for documentation. You can also check sample/howto.rb how to use APIs.

== Download

== Bug report or Feature request

Please file a ticket at the project web site.

  1. find a similar ticket from
  2. create a new ticket by clicking ‘Create Issue’ button.
  3. you can use github features such as pull-request if you like.

Thanks in advance.

== Changes

= Changes in 2.2.5 =

May 06, 2012 - version 2.2.5

* Bug fixes

  * Added Magic encoding comment to hexdump.rb to avoid encoding error.
  * Add workaround for JRuby issue on Windows (JRUBY-6136)
On Windows, calling File#size fails with an Unknown error (20047).
This workaround uses File#lstat instead.
  * Require open-uri only on ruby 1.9, since it is not needed on 1.8.

* Features

  * Allow symbol Header name for HTTP request.
  * Dump more SSL certificate information under $DEBUG.
  * Add HTTPClient::SSLConfig#ssl_version property.
  * Add 'Accept: */*' header to request by default. Rails requies it.
It doesn't override given Accept header from API.
  * Add HTTPClient::SSLConfig#set_default_paths. This method makes
HTTPClient instance to use OpenSSL's default trusted CA certificates.
  * Allow to set Date header manually.
ex. clent.get(uri, :header => {'Date' =>})

= Changes in 2.2.4 =

Dec 08, 2011 - version 2.2.4

* Bug fixes

  * Do not recycle buffer String object for yielding.  When the response is
    not chunked and the size of the response > 16KB, API with block style
    yields recycled String object for each yields.

  * Set VERSION string in User-Agent header.  $Id$ didn't work long time...

  Bugs are reported by Seamus Abshere. Thanks!

= Changes in 2.2.3 =

Oct 28, 2011 - version 2.2.3

* Bug fixes

  * Ruby 1.8.6 support.  It's broken from 2.2.0.

= Changes in 2.2.2 =

Oct 17, 2011 - version 2.2.2

* Bug fixes

  * Do not sort query params on request: Wrongly sorted query params for
    easier debugging but the order of request parameter should be
    preserved. #65

* Changes

  * Set responce String encoding if possible.  Parse content-type response
    header with some helps from OpenURI::Meta and set response String
    encoding. #26

  * Improve connection cache strategy.  Reuse cached session in MRU order,
    not in LRU.  MRU is more server friendly than LRU because it reduces
    number of cached sessions when a number of requests drops after an
    usaage spike.

    With reusing sessions in LRU order, all sessions are equally checked if
    it's closed or not, as far as there's a request to the same site.  With
    reusing sessions in MRU order, old cold sessions are kept in cache long
    time even if there's a request to the same site.  To avoid this leakage,
    this version adds keep_alive_timeout property and let SessionManager
    scrub all sessions with checking the timeout for each session.  When the
    session expires against the last used time, it's closed and collected.

    keep_alive_timeout is 15[sec] by default. The value is from the default
    value for KeepAliveTimeout of Apache httpd 2.  #68 #69

= Changes in 2.2.1 =

Jun 2, 2011 - version 2.2.1

* Bug fixes

  * For Lighttpd + PUT/POST support, do not send a request using chunked
    encoding when IO respond to :size, File for example.

    - There is no need to send query with Transfer-Encoding: chuncked when
      IO respond to :size.
    - Lighttpd does not support PUT, POST with Transfer-Encoding: chuncked.
      You will see that the lighty respond with 200 OK, but there is a file
      whose size is zero.

      timeout occurs certainly when you send very large file and
      @send_timeout is default since HTTPClient::Session#query() assumes
      that *all* write are finished in @send_timeout sec not each write.

      increment @send_timeout and @receive_timeout or set @send_timeout and
      @receive_timeout to 0 not to be timeout.

    This fix is by TANABE Ken-ichi <[email protected]>. Thanks!

  * Allow empty http_proxy ENV variable. Just treat it the same as if it's
    nil/unset. This fix is by Ash Berlin <[email protected]>.

  * Check EOF while reading chunked response and close the session. It
    raised NoMethodError.

* Changes

  * Updated trusted CA certificates file (cacert.p7s and cacert_sha1.p7s).
    CA certs are imported from
    'Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_25-b06)'. 

  * Changed default chunk size from 4K to 16K. It's used for reading size
    at a time.

= Changes in 2.2.0 =

Apr 8, 2011 - version 2.2.0

* Features
  * Add HTTPClient#cookies as an alias of #cookie_manager.cookies.

  * Add res.cookies method. It returns parsed cookie in response header.
    It's different from client.cookie_manager.cookies. Manager keeps
    persistent cookies in it.

  * Add res.headers method which returns a Hash of headers.
    Hash key and value are both String. Each key has a single value so you
    can't extract exact value when a message has multiple headers like
    'Set-Cookie'. Use header['Set-Cookie'] for that purpose.
    (It returns an Array always)

  * Allow keyword style argument for HTTPClient#get, post, etc.
    Introduced keywords are: :body, :query, and :header.
    You can write
      HTTPClient.get(uri, :header => {'X-custom' => '1'})
    instead of;
      HTTPClient.get(uri, nil, {'X-custom' => '1'})

  * Add new keyword argument :follow_redirect to get/post. Now you can
    follow redirection response with passing :follow_redirect => true.

  * [INCOMPAT] Rename HTTPClient::HTTP::Message#body to #http_body, then
    add #body as an alias of #content. It's incompatible change though
    users rarely depends on this method. (I've never seen such a case)
    Users who are using req.body and/or res.body should follow this
    change. (req.http_body and res.http_body)

* Bug fixes

  * Reenable keep-alive for chunked response.
    This feature was disabled by c206b687952e1ad3e20c20e69bdbd1a9cb38609e at
    2008-12-09. I should have written a test for keep-alive. Now I added it.
    Thanks Takahiro Nishimura(@dr_taka_n) for finding this bug.

= Changes in 2.1.7 =

Mar 22, 2011 - version 2.1.7

* Features
  * Add MD5-sess auth support. Thanks to wimm-dking. (#47)
  * Add SNI support. (Server Name Indication of HTTPS connection) (#49)
  * Add GSSAPI auth support using gssapi gem. Thanks to zenchild. (#50)
  * NTLM logon to exchange Web Services. [experimental] Thanks to curzonj and mccraigmccraig (#52)
  * Add HTTPOnly cookie support. Thanks to nbrosnahan. (#55)
  * Add HTTPClient#socket_local for specifying local binding hostname and port of TCP socket. Thanks to icblenke.

= Changes in 2.1.6 =

Dec 20, 2010 - version 2.1.6

* IMPORTANT update for HTTPS(SSL) connection
  * Trusted CA bundle file cacert_sha1.p7s for older environment (where
    you cannot use SHA512 algorithm such as an old Mac OS X) included in
    httpclient 2.1.5 expires in Dec 31, 2010.  Please update to 2.1.6 if
    you're on such an environment.
  * Updated trusted CA certificates file (cacert.p7s and cacert_sha1.p7s).
    CA certs are imported from
    'Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_22-b04)'. 

* IMPORTANT bug fix for persistent connection
  * #29 Resource Leak: If httpclient establishes two connections to the
    same server in parallel, one of these connections will be leaked, patch
    by xb.
  * #30 When retrying a failed persistent connection, httpclient should use
    a fresh connection, reported by xb.
    These 2 fixes should fix 'Too many open files' error as well if you're
    getting this. Please check 2.1.6 and let me know how it goes!

* Features
  * #4 Added OAuthClient. See sample clients in sample/ dir.
  * #42 Added transparent_gzip_decompression property, patch by Teshootub7.
    All you need to use it is done by;
    client.transparent_gzip_decompression = true
    Then you can retrieve a document as usural in decompressed format.
  * #38 Debug dump binary data (checking it includes \0 or not) in hex
    encoded format, patch by chetan.

* Bug fixes
  * #8 Opened certificate and key files for SSL not closed properly.
  * #10 "get" method gets blocked in "readpartial" when receiving a 304
    with no Content-Length.
  * #11 Possible data corruption problem in asynchronous methods, patch by
    a user. (
  * #13 illegal Cookie PATH handling. When no PATH part given in Set-Cookie
    header, URL's path part should be used for path variable.
  * #16 httpclient doesn't support multiline server headers.
  * #19 set_request_header clobbers 'Host' header setting if given, patch
    by meuserj.
  * #20 Relative Location on https redirect fails, patch by zenchild.
  * #22 IIS/6 + MicrosoftSharePointTeamServices uses "NTLM" instead of
  * #27 DigestAuth header: 'qop' parameter must not be enclosed between
    double quotation, patch by ibc.
  * #36 Wrong HTTP version in headers with Qt4 applications, reported by
  * #38 DigestAuth + posting IO fails, patch by chetan.
  * #41 https-over-proxy fails with IIS, patch by tai.

= Changes in 2.1.5 =

Jun 25, 2009 - version

* Added another cacert distribution certificate which uses
  sha1WithRSAEncryption.  OpenSSL/0.9.7 cannot handle non-SHA1 digest
  algorithm for certificate.  The new certificate is
  RSA 2048 bit + SHA1 + notAfter:2010/12/31.  Corresponding CA bundle file
  is cacert_sha1.p7s.  It is loaded only when cacert.p7s cannot be loaded
  with the original distribution certificate.

Jun 11, 2009 - version

* README update.

Jun 8, 2009 - version 2.1.5

* IMPORTANT update for HTTPS(SSL) connection
  * Trusted CA bundle file included in httpclient <= 2.1.4 expires in
    Nov 2009. Please update to 2.1.5 by Oct 2009 if your application
    depends on trusted CA bundle file.
  * Updated trusted CA certificates file (cacert.p7s). CA certs are
    imported from 'Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_13-b03)'. 
  * Updated a cacert distribution certificate.
    RSA 2048 bit + SHA512 + notAfter:2037/12/31. (#215)

* Feature
  * WWW authentication with Negotiate based on win32/sspi as same as Proxy
    authentication. Applied a patch from Paul Casto. Thanks! (#212)

* Bug fixes
  * Infinite loop caused by EOF error while reading response message body
    without Content-Length.  IO#readpartial does not clear the second
    argument (buffer) when an exception raised.  Fixed by a patch from an
    user.  Thanks! (#216)
  * NoMethodError caused by the cookie string that includes a double
    semicolons ";;".  Fixed by a patch from an user.  Thanks! (#211)
  * CNONCE attribute in Digest Authentication was not properly generated by
    itself (used same nonce sent from the connecting server). Fixed by a
    patch from bterlson
    Thanks! (#209)
  * Cookie header was not set in authentication negotiation. Fixed. This
    bug was found and pointed out by bterlson at
    []. Thanks! (#210)
  * Do not send 'Content-Length: 0' when a request doesn't have message
    body. Some server application (!EasySoap++/0.6 for example) corrupts
    with the request with Content-Length: 0. This bug was found by clay
    Thanks! (#217)
  * Ensure to reset connection after invoking HTTPClient singleton methods
    for accessing such as HTTPClient.get_content. Thanks to @xgavin! (#214)

Feb 13, 2009 - version 2.1.4

* Bug fixes
  * When we hit some site through http-proxy we get a response without
    Content-Length header.  httpclient/2.1.3 drops response body for such
    case. fixed. (#199)
  * Avoid duplicated 'Date' header in request. Fixed. (#194)
  * Avoid to add port number to 'Host' header.  Some servers like GFE/1.3
    dislike it. Thanks to anonymous user for investigating the behavior.
  * httpclient/2.1.3 does not work when you fork a process after requiring
    httpclient module (Passenger). Thanks to Akira Yamada for tracing down
    this bug. (#197)
  * httpclient/2.1.3 cannot handle Cookie header with 'expires=' and
    'expires=""'.  Empty String for Time.parse returns unlike
    ParseDate.parsedate. Thanks to Mark for the patch. (#200) 

Jan 8, 2009 - version

* Security fix introduced at 2.1.3.
  * get_content/post_content of httpclient/2.1.3 may send secure cookies
    for a https site to non-secure (non-https) site when the https site
    redirects the request to a non-https site.  httpclient/2.1.3 caches
    request object and reuses it for redirection.  It should not be cached
    and recreated for each time as httpclient <= 2.1.2 and http-access2.
  * I realized this bug when I was reading open-uri story on
    [ruby-core:21205].  Ruby users should use open-uri rather than using
    net/http directly wherever possible.

Dec 29, 2008 - version 2.1.3

* Features
  * Proxy Authentication for SSL.
  * Performance improvements.
  * Full RDoc. Please tell me any English problem. Thanks in advance.
  * Do multipart file upload when a given body includes a File. You don't
    need to set 'Content-Type' and boundary String any more.
  * Added propfind and proppatch methods. 

* Changes
  * Avoid unnecessary memory consuming for get_content/post_content with
    block.  get_content returns nil when you call it with a block.
  * post_content with IO did not work when redirect/auth cycle is required.
    (CAUTION: post_content now correctly follows redirection and posts the
    given content)
  * Exception handling cleanups.
    * Raises HTTPClient::ConfigurationError? for environment problem.
      (trying to do SSL without openssl installed for example)
    * Raises HTTPClient::BadResponse? for HTTP response problem.  You can
      get the response HTTPMessage returned via $!.res.
    * Raises SocketError? for connection problem (as same as before). 

* Bug fixes
  * Avoid unnecessary negotiation cycle for Negotiate(NTLM) authentication.
    Thanks Rishav for great support for debugging Negotiate authentication.
  * get_content/post_content with block yielded unexpected message body
    during redirect/auth cycle.
  * Relative URI redirection should be allowed from 2.1.2 but it did not
    work... fixed.
  * Avoid unnecessary timeout waiting when no message body returned such as
    '204 No Content' for DAV.
  * Avoid blocking on socket closing when the socket is already closed by
    foreign host and the client runs under MT-condition. 

Sep 22, 2007 - version 2.1.2

  * implemented Negotiate authentication with a support from exterior
    modules. 'rubyntlm' module is required for Negotiate auth with IIS.
    'win32/sspi' module is required for Negotiate auth with ISA.
  * a workaround for Ubuntu + SonicWALL timeout problem. try to send HTTP
    request in one chunk.

  * create new self-signing dist-cert which has serial number 0x01 and
    embed it in httpclient.rb.
  * update cacert.p7s. certificates are imported from cacerts in JRE 6
    Update 2. 1 expired CA certificate
    'C=US, O=GTE Corporation, CN=GTE CyberTrust Root' is removed.

* Bug fix
  * [BUG] SSL + debug_dev didn't work under version 2.1.1.
  * [BUG] Reason-Phrase of HTTP response status line can be empty according
  * to RFC2616.

Aug 28, 2007 - version 2.1.1

* bug fix
  * domain_match should be case insensitive. thanks to Brian for the patch.
  * before calling SSLSocket#post_connection_check, check if
    RUBY_VERSION > "1.8.4" for CN based wildcard certificate. when
    RUBY_VERSION <= "1.8.4",  it fallbacks to the post_connection_check
    method in HTTPClient so httpclient should run on 1.8.4 fine as before.

* misc
  * added HTTPClient#test_loopback_http_response which accepts test
    loopback response which contains HTTP header. 

Jul 14, 2007 - version 2.1.0

* program/project renamed from 'http-access2' to 'httpclient'.
  there's compatibility layer included so existing programs for
  http-access2 which uses HTTPAccess2::Client should work with
  httpclient/2.1.0 correctly.

* misc
  * install.rb did not install cacerts.p7s.  Thanks to knu.
  * now HTTPClient loads http_proxy/HTTP_PROXY and no_proxy/NO_PROXY
    environment variable at initialization time. bear in mind that it
    doesn't load http_proxy/HTTP_PROXY when a library is considered to be
    running under CGI environment (checked by ENVREQUEST_METHOD existence.
    cgi_http_proxy/CGI_HTTP_PROXY is loaded instead.

Jul 4, 2007 - version 2.0.9

* bug fix
  * fix the BasicAuth regression problem in 2.0.8.  A server may return
    "BASIC" as an authenticate scheme label instead of "Basic".  It must be
    treated as a case-insensitive token according to RFC2617 section 1.2.
    Thanks to mwedeme for contributing the patch. (#159)

Jun 30, 2007 - version 2.0.8

  * added request/response filter interface and implemented DigestAuth
    based on the filter interface.  DigestAuth calc engine is based on
    Thanks to sromano. (#155)
  * re-implemented BasicAuth based on the filter interface.  send BasicAuth
    header only if it's needed. (#31)
  * handle a response which has 2XX status code as a successfull response
    while retry check.  applied the patch from Micah Wedemeyer.
    Thanks! (#158)

* Connection
  * show more friendly error message for unconnectable URL. (#156)

* bug fixes
  * to avoid MIME format incompatibility, add empty epilogue chunk
    explicitly.  Thanks to the anonymous user who reported #154 (#154)
  * rescue EPIPE for keep-alive reconnecting.  Thanks to anonymous user
    who posted a patch at #124. (#124)

May 13, 2007 - version 2.0.7

  * added proxyauth support. (#6)
  * let developer allow to rescue a redirect with relative URI. (#28)
  * changed last-chunk condition statement to allow "0000\r\n" marker from
    WebLogic Server 7.0 SP5 instead of "0\r\n". (#30)
  * fixed multipart form submit. (#29, #116)
  * use http_date format as a date in a request header. (#35)
  * avoid duplicated Date header when running under mod_ruby. (#127)
  * reason phrase in Message#reason contains \r. (#122)
  * trim "\n"s in base64 encoded BasicAuth value for interoperability.
  * let retry_connect return a Message not a content. (#119)
  * rescue SocketError and dump a message when a wrong address given. (#152)

* HTTP-Cookies
  * changed "domain" parameter matching condition statement to allow
    followings; (#24, #32, #118, #147)
    * [host, domain] = [,]
    * [host, domain] = [,]

  * bundles CA certificates as trust anchors.
  * allow user to get peer_cert. (#117, #123)
  * added wildcard certificate support. (#151)
  * SSL + HTTP keep-alive + long wait causes uncaught exception.  fixed.

* Connection
  * fixed a loop condition bug that caused intermittent empty response.
    (#150, #26, #125)

September 16, 2005 - version 2.0.6

  * allows redirects from a "POST" request.  imported a patch from sveit.
    Thanks! (#7)
  * add 'content-type: application/application/x-www-form-urlencoded' when
    a request contains message-body. (#11)
  * HTTP/0.9 support.  (#15)
  * allows submitting multipart forms.  imported a patch from sveit.
    Thanks! (#7)

* HTTP-Cookies
  * avoid NameError when a cookie value is nil. (#10)
  * added netscape_rule property to CookieManager (false by default).  You
    can turn on the domain attribute test of Netscape rule with the
    property.  cf.
  * added HTTPClient#cookie_manager property for accessing its properties.
  * added save_all_cookies method to save unused and discarded cookies as
    well.  The patch is from Christian Lademann.  Thanks!  (#21)
  * allow to set cookie_manager.  raise an error when set_cookie_store
    called and cookie_store has already been set. (#20)

  * allows SSL connection debugging when debug_dev != nil. (#14)
  * skip post_connection_check when
    verify_mode == OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_NONE.  Thanks to kdraper. (#12)
  * post_connection_check: support a certificate with a wildcard in the
    hostname. (#18)
  * avoid NameError when no peer_cert and VERIFY_FAIL_IF_NO_PEER_CERT
    given.  Thanks to Christian Lademann.

* Connection
  * insert a connecting host and port to an exception message when
    connecting failed. (#5)
  * added socket_sync property to HTTPClient(HTTPAccess2::Client) that
    controls socket's sync property.  the default value is true.  CAUTION:
    if your ruby is older than 2005-09-06 and you want to use SSL
    connection, do not set socket_sync = false to avoid a blocking bug of

December 24, 2004 - version 2.0.5 This is a minor bug fix release. - Connect/Send/Receive timeout cannot be configured. fixed. - IPSocket#addr caused SocketError? on Mac OS X 10.3.6 + ruby-1.8.1 GA. fixed. - There is a server which does not like ‘’ style Host header. The server for seems to dislike HTTP/1.1 Host header “Host:”. It returns HTTP 302: Found and redirects to the page again, causes HTTPAccess2::Client to raise “retry count exceeded”. Keat found that the server likes “Host:” (not with port number).

February 11, 2004 - version 2.0.4 - add Client#redirect_uri_callback interface. - refactorings and bug fixes found during negative test. - add SSL test.

December 16, 2003 - version 2.0.3 - no_proxy was broken in 2.0.2. - do not dump ‘Host’ header under protocol_version == ‘HTTP/1.0’

December ?, 2003 - version 2.0.2 - do not trust HTTP_PROXY environment variable. set proxy server manually. - follow ossl2 change.

October 4, 2003 - version 2.0.1 Query was not escaped when query was given as an Array or a Hash. Fixed. Do not use http_proxy defined by ENV[‘http_proxy’] or ENV[‘HTTP_PROXY’] if the destination host is ‘localhost’. Hosts which matches ENV[‘no_proxy’] or ENV[‘NO_PROXY’] won’t be proxyed. [,:] separated. (“”) No regexp. (give “”, not “*”) If you want specify hot by IP address, give full address. (“,”)

September 10, 2003 - version 2.0 CamelCase to non_camel_case. SSL support (requires Ruby/OpenSSL). Cookies support. lib/http-access2/cookie.rb is redistributed file which is originally included in Webagent by TAKAHASHI `Maki’ Masayoshi. You can download the entire package from

January 11, 2003 - version J ruby/1.8 support.

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