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Cross-browser styles for consistent select element styling


Cross-browser CSS for consistent select element styling.

Demo page:

Download: select-css.css and select-css-compat.css

Available on npm: npm install fg-select-css

If you’re looking for the JS version of the select plugin, check out select.

How it works

This styles a native select consistently cross-platform with only minimal CSS. The native select is then styled so it is essentially invisible (no appearance, border, bg) leaving only the select’s text visible. There is a wrapper around the select that has the majority of the button styles (gradient, shadow, border, etc.).

There are three different CSS-only grades used in this select plugin:

  1. A-grade: Uses custom pseudo-element arrow and hides the native arrow using appearance: none (or a compatible vendor prefixed property).
  2. B-grade: Uses a custom pseudo-element arrow but hides the native arrow by making the native select wider than the container (usually using calc() to keep 100% width but add a fixed amount) and hiding the arrow using overflow: hidden.
  3. C-grade: Uses the native select and not the custom arrow.

Both A-Grade and B-grade visually look the same:

A and B-Grade select-css

C-Grade appearance varies by operating system and web browser.

Important: The plugin should never show both the custom arrow and the native arrow at the same time. Any browser that renders both will be considered to be a visual bug and we’d love to have you file an issue on it.

Browser Support

A-Grade using only select-css.css

  • MS Edge 12 and 13
  • Firefox 35 through 44
  • Chrome 28 through 48
  • Opera 15 through 35
  • Safari 9
  • Yandex 14.12
  • iOS 9
  • Android 4.3 through 5.1

C-Grade using only select-css.css

  • Internet Explorer 6 through 11
  • Firefox 3.6 through 34
  • Chrome 15 through 27
  • Opera 10.6 through 12.16
  • Safari 4 through 8
  • iOS 3 through 8
  • Windows Phone 7.5 through 8.1
  • Android 2.3, 4.2
  • Blackberry 5

Most of the C-Grade support minimums are as comprehensive as Browserstack allows.

Add select-css-compat.css to add B-Grade to:

  • Firefox 4 through 34
  • Internet Explorer 10 and 11

For Posterity:

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