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TileOven a maintained fork of TileMill

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General Info

TileOven is a maintained fork of TileMill, tested on Linux with Node 0.10.25, 4.2.6 and 4.5.0. TileOven works only in server mode, no native packages are provided. Platforms other than Linux should theoretically work, but aren't tested.

Changes from upstream are cherry-picked, last time on Apr 22, 2016.

Node 6.x currently doesn't work because nodezip fails to compile [Sep 19, 2016]

Changelog since forking


  • Support for Node 4, thanks to patches and updated dependencies of https://github.com/paulovieira/hapi-tilemill
  • Added layer selection to map panel for fast comparisons with OSM and to save render time for low zoom levels
  • Added search field to layer panel
  • Increased size of layer panel
  • Updated carto and node-mapnik dependencies, new CartoCSS commands available
  • Remember last selected folder in new layer dialog
  • Better compatibility with kosmtik, TileOven mml project files should work out of the box with kosmtik (https://github.com/kosmtik)


  • Removed topcube and other obsolete dependencies
  • Removed windowed mode, only server mode is supported
  • Fixed Tab indentation in editor window
  • Fixed "Close" button bugs in Google Chrome (https://github.com/mapbox/tilemill/issues/2534)
  • Fixed mbtiles preview map
  • Removed Mapbox integration
  • Fixed CartoCSS variable auto completion
  • Fixed creation of job file in export if it doesn't exist


TileOven is a modern map design studio powered by Node.js and Mapnik.

Installation instructions, development docs and other information are available on the TileMill website.

Build Status

Build status Dependencies

Key modules

  • mapnik - Build Status
  • node-mapnik - Build Status
  • carto - Build Status
  • tilelive - Build Status
  • tilelive-mapnik - Build Status
  • millstone - Build Status
  • node-mbtiles - Build Status
  • node-sqlite3 - Build Status


  • Mapnik v2.3.0
  • Node.js v4.x, v0.10.x or v0.8.x
  • Protobuf: libprotobuf-lite and protoc

However, node-mapnik (which depends on Mapnik and protobuf) is now packaged as a binary. So, you do not need an external Mapnik. See Installation


Note: on Ubuntu make sure that you have the nodejs-legacy package installed!

To install from source just do:

git clone https://github.com/florianf/tileoven.git
cd tileoven
npm install

Then to start TileMill do:

./index.js # and then view http://localhost:20009 in your web browser

For more extended details follow:

Running tests

Install mocha and run the tests

npm install mocha
npm test

Note: the tests require a running postgres server and a postgis enabled database called template_postgis.

If you do not have a template_postgis create one like:

createdb -E UTF8 template_postgis
psql -c "CREATE EXTENSION postgis" template_postgis

If you experience failing tests here are two tips:

  1. Debug the project data by running TileMill with

    ./index.js --files=./test/fixtures/files/

  2. Try clearing the cache of test data:

    rm -rf ./test/fixtures/files/

For more info see: http://postgis.net/docs/manual-1.5/ch02.html


TileMill documentation is kept in the mb-pages branch, which is independently managed and not merged with master.

TileMill's in-app reference available as the "Manual" (see below for syncing details) is a very small subset of docs for offline usage and is manually sync'ed from the mb-pages branch.

To view all the TileMill documentation locally, first checkout the mb-pages branch:

git checkout mb-pages

Then install Jekyll:

sudo gem install jekyll

And run Jekyll:


Once Jekyll has started you should be able to view the docs in a browser at:


Syncing manual

To sync the manual with mb-pages updates do:

cd ../
git clone --depth=1 -b mb-pages https://github.com/mapbox/tilemill tilemill-mb-pages
export TILEMILL_GHPAGES=../tilemill-mb-pages
rm -rf ${TILEMILL_SOURCES}/assets/manual
mkdir -p ${TILEMILL_SOURCES}/assets/manual
cp -r ${TILEMILL_GHPAGES}/assets/manual/* ${TILEMILL_SOURCES}/assets/manual/
git add ${TILEMILL_SOURCES}/assets/manual/*
rm -rf ${TILEMILL_SOURCES}/_posts/docs/reference
mkdir -p ${TILEMILL_SOURCES}/_posts/docs/reference
cp -r ${TILEMILL_GHPAGES}/_posts/docs/reference/* ${TILEMILL_SOURCES}/_posts/docs/reference/
git add ${TILEMILL_SOURCES}/_posts/docs/reference/*

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-   v0.10.1 zip tar
-   v0.10.0 zip tar
-   v0.9.1 zip tar
-   v0.9.0 zip tar
-   v0.8.0 zip tar
-   v0.7.2 zip tar
-   v0.7.1 zip tar
-   v0.7.0 zip tar
-   v0.6.2 zip tar
-   v0.6.1 zip tar
-   v0.6.0 zip tar
-   v0.5.1 zip tar
-   v0.5.0 zip tar
-   v0.4.2 zip tar
-   v0.4.1 zip tar
-   v0.4.0 zip tar
-   alpha-5 zip tar
-   alpha-4 zip tar
-   alpha-3 zip tar
-   alpha-2 zip tar
-   alpha-1 zip tar
-   0.3.3 zip tar
-   0.3.2 zip tar
-   0.3.1 zip tar
-   0.3.0 zip tar
-   0.2.1 zip tar
-   0.2.0 zip tar
-   0.1.4 zip tar
-   0.1.3 zip tar
-   0.1.2 zip tar