On-premises distributed service discovery


A microservice used for discovery of services with gRPC. Stela uses IPv6 multicast to allow for scalable, distributed discovery on premises. The project is named after the stone monuments of the same name.


  • Distributed run one or many Stela instances on any number of computers.
  • Subscriptions subscribe to service names to receive a stream of any services registered or deregistered with that name.
  • Simple Stela is meant to be started quickly with little configuration. It only focuses on service registration.



  • go get -u

Running stela nodes

By default communicates over gRPC :3100 and IPv6 multicast :31053. Start your first instance:

stela -cert /path/to/server.crt -key /path/to/server.key -ca /path/to/ca.crt

If the SSL files you wish to use are stored as server.crt, server.key, and ca.crt in the directory where the command is issued, you can omit the cert, key, and ca parameters. Alternatively you can use the -insecure flag if you don’t want to use SSL/TLS gRPC.


Start two other instances on the same computer.

$ stela -port 31001

$ stela -port 31002

Or start another instances on a different computer.

$ stela

Services registered with any of the instances will be discoverable by all.


  • stela watchdog: cmd/stelawd/
  • Membership: examples/membership/
  • API Example: Refer to api/example_test.go


  -ca string
    	Path to the private key file for the server. (default "ca.crt")
  -cert string
    	Path to the certificate file for the server. (default "server.crt")
    	Disable SSL, allowing unenecrypted communication with this service.
  -key string
    	Path to the private key file for the server. (default "server.key")
  -multicast int
    	Port used to multicast to other stela members. (default 31053)
  -port int
    	Port for stela's gRPC API. (default 31000)
  -serverName string
    	The common name of the server you are connecting to. (default "Stela")
    	Shows how many stela instances are currently running. *Only works if you are running a local stela instance.
    	Prints current version

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