API template for fragmenta

4 months after


An API generator with typical REST routes for resources, without any of the view/session baggage which comes with a full html website.

Gettting Started

To create a copy of this app, run:

fragmenta new $GOPATH/src/my/app/name api

Then cd to your new app and run migrations:

fragmenta migrate

Then run the server:


App Structure


This is the main entrypoint for the application. The structure of other parts of the application is dictated by what you need from it.

The src folder

This is a suggested structure for an application, the structure used is entirely up to you, if you prefer you don't have to use a src folder.

The src/app folder

This contains general app files, resources like pages or users should go in a separate pkg.

The src/lib folder

lib is used to store utility packages which can be used by several parts of the app. Some examples of libraries are included, but unused in this example application.

The src/lib/templates folder

Templates for generating new resources are stored in here and used by fragmenta generate to generate a new resource package, containing assets, code and views.