Bits Editor is your personal playground to develop in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, all from your own server.

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Bits Editor is your personal playground to develop in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, all from your own server. Bits is written in PHP


  • HTML, CSS, and Javascript Editors
  • Hotkeys/shortcuts
  • Flat File Users
  • Share Results
  • In Depth Settings for CSS, HTML, Javascript, and additional assets
  • Secure CORS Workaround for displaying code
  • Framework independent, but still MVC
  • Lightweight, ~ 8.5k lines of code
  • Extendable


  • PHP and MySQL, and an imagination brah, nothing crazy


There are a few things you must do before you can get started playing with Bits Editor, but don't worry, they're really small.

1. Install the single table that Bits uses

Bits uses a single table in it's database. The .sql file to install is located in /setup/isntall.sql

2. Editor your Config File

Bits has a lot of settings for you to mess with. Navigate to /www/app/config/config.php to access them. You are required to set your base_url, your code_url (more no this option below), all of the prefixed db_ properties, and lastly, your users.

The code_url is the same url as your application, but it has a subdomain pointing to the main install. This is to thwart your code iframes from having access to the editor itself.


Bits will be ready for you to play with at this point. Have fun!

config.php Options

  • autoload - This is an array of plugins and helpers to autoload into bits everytime a request is sent.
  • reserved_translate - Bits uses MVC with no textual routing, meaning your filenames must match the URI. Because new is a reserved keyword in PHP, we must use this array to define what the new keyword will point to. By default, this is set to reserved_new
  • base_bit_settings - These are the default settings for Bits HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • base_editor_settings - These are the default settings for your Bits Editors, including theme, tab size, line wrapping, and more.
  • libraries - This is an array of arrays used to dynamically list what libraries you want to have available to your users when writing their code.


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