A bot to guide the contributors on standard practices while contributing to freeCodeCamp's GitHub repository

2 years after

This bot will automatically check if pull requests follow repositories contribution guidelines. It helps moderate pull requests and notifies when a pull request is synchronized (see this blog post).

How To Contribute or Run Your Own Bot?

git clone
cd camper-gh-bot
npm install
  • Create a new account for the bot (or use an existing one)
  • Settings > Personal access tokens > Generate new token
  • Only check public_repo and click Generate token
  • Create an .env file in project's root with the following in it: GITHUB_TOKEN=insert_token_here
  • Set in your .env file a Secret key which will be used for securing your webhook: SECRET_TOKEN=insert_key_here
  • Define rules for your repositories in repo-rules.json file (see below)
  • npm start

How To Use?

  • Go to
    • your project on GitHub > Settings > Webhooks & services > Add Webhook or
    • your organization on GitHub > Settings > Webhooks > Add Webhook
  • Payload URL: For example,
  • Let me select individual events > Check only Pull Request
  • Set your Secret key (the same as in .env file)
  • Add Webhook

And you are done. Note that bot must have write access to the repository to be able to close pull requests.


All configuration goes to repo-rules.json file. You can specify different configs for your repositories.

  "freeCodeCamp/camper-gh-bot": {
    "userForbiddenForPR": [], // PRs made by users in this list will be closed. To close PRs from EVERYONE add a star symbol to this array: `"userForbiddenForPR": ["*"]`
    "closeAllPRsMessage": "", // MUST be specified if `userForbiddenForPR` array contains a star sumbol (see above)
    "userBlacklistForPR": [], // PRs made by users in this list will be ignored
    "actions": [], // List of PR actions that camper-gh-bot will listen to
    "repoContribPath": "" // Path to you file (should start with a slash, for example, /blob/master/.github/
    "rules": {
      "critical": {
        "blacklistedBaseBranchNames": [], // Do not open PR's against branches from this list
        "blacklistedHeadBranchNames": [], // Do not open PR's from branches in this list
        "allowedFileNames": [] // Test all filenames against this (for expamle, "[\\w\\d-]+\\.md$"). Close the PR if not all filenames satisfy this rule
      "allowedBranchNames": [], // Allowed branch name prefixes
      "closeKeywords": [], //  Keywords which PR titles and commit messages should not contain
      "maxCommitCount": 1 // Max number of allowed commit messages count. If exceeded, bot will ask to squash commits.

If you would like the camper-gh-bot to function on private repositories, set the GITHUB_USER and GITHUB_PASSWORD environment variables or add them to .env file. You must disable two-factor authentication or you will receive a console log like this: Login to ${USERNAME} failed.


camper-gh-bot is available via BSD 3-clause “New” or “Revised” License.

This project is based on Facebook's mention-bot. Please refer docs for their licenses and patents grant which is also applicable to parts of this software.