Hotel Application platform - Personal project

Hotel App - Front-end

Front-end app of Hotel App project.

About Hotel App project

It’s a personal project, made to practice a full-stack using:

  • PostgreSQL
  • Phoenix Framework
  • React - Redux

Whole project is designed and developed by me, Carlos Frias. More information on my personal website, here.


This is NOT a real hotel application and is not intended to be so, although some components of the application may be reused in a real-world application.

Code used in the application is free for usage without giving me credit, although if significant portion of the code is replicated a corresponding attribution is expected.

I don’t own some content used in the application, here I list all of them with a corresponding credit to its author/authors:

  • Some css styles (specified in the source file) are snippets extracted from TACHYONS.


This software is provided under MIT license, read it here