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Use IRKit on Lita

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Use IRKit on Lita

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Add lita-irkit to your Lita instance's Gemfile:

gem "lita-irkit"


config.handlers.irkit.deviceid  = ENV["IRKIT_DEVICEID"]
config.handlers.irkit.clientkey = ENV["IRKIT_CLIENTKEY"]


route /^ir list/,            :ir_list,         command: false, help: { "ir list"                      => "list irkit command names" }
route /^ir send (.+)/,       :ir_send,         command: false, help: { "ir send [command_name]"       => "send irkit command" }
route /^ir all off/,         :ir_send_all_off, command: false, help: { "ir all off"                   => "send irkit commands which end with 'off'" }
route /^ir register (.+)/,   :ir_register,     command: true,  help: { "ir register [command_name]"   => "register irkit command" }
route /^ir unregister (.+)/, :ir_unregister,   command: true,  help: { "ir unregister [command_name]" => "unregister irkit command" }
route /^ir migrate/,         :ir_migrate,      command: true

Migration from 0.0.x to 0.1.0

Since Redis namespace has been changed at v0.1.0, You must run migration command when upgrading to v0.1.0 or later.

@your_bot ir migrate
#=> :ok_woman: 10 keys are migrated.



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