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Functional programming in Java

= Functional Java

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Functional Java is an open source library facilitating functional programming in Java. The library implements numerous basic and advanced programming abstractions that assist composition oriented development. Functional Java also serves as a platform for learning functional programming concepts by introducing these concepts using a familiar language.

The library is intended for use in production applications and is thoroughly tested using the technique of automated specification-based testing with ScalaCheck and Functional Java's quickcheck module. Functional Java is compiled with Java 8 targeting Java 7 bytecode. The use of lambdas within the project are backported with the Retro Lambda library, supporting Java versions 6 to 8.

Functional Java provides abstractions for the following types:

  • Basic Data Structures - total and partial functions, products, unit, option, unbiased and right biased unions (either and validation), void.
  • Immutable Collections - array, list, vector, stream, set, map, priority queue, finger tree, heterogenous list, difference list.
  • Other Abstractions - monoid, semigroup, natural, random number generator, reader, writer, state, input/output, parser, zipper, specification based testing (quickcheck), actors, optics (lens, prism, fold, traversal and others), concurrency and type conversion.

== URLs

Important URLs for the project are:

== Downloading

The recommended way to download and use the project is through your build tool.

The Functional Java artifact is published to Maven Central using the group org.functionaljava with three published artifacts:

  • the core library (functionaljava)
  • Java 8 specific support (functionaljava-java8)
  • property based testing (functionaljava-quickcheck)

The latest stable version is 4.6. This can be added to your Gradle project by adding the dependencies:

compile "org.functionaljava:functionaljava:4.6" compile "org.functionaljava:functionaljava-java8:4.6" compile "org.functionaljava:functionaljava-quickcheck:4.6" compile "org.functionaljava:functionaljava-java-core:4.6"

and in Maven:

org.functionaljava functionaljava 4.6 org.functionaljava functionaljava-java8 4.6 org.functionaljava functionaljava-quickcheck 4.6 org.functionaljava functionaljava-java-core 4.6

== Building

FunctionalJava uses the Retro Lambda project to backport Java 8 lambdas to Java 6 bytecode. This requires access to both JDK 6 and 8. The build system requires the environment variables JAVA6_HOME and JAVA8_HOME to refer to the appropriate directories.

Building is done using Gradle 2.13. In the root directory run:


This requires access to Java and will download the Gradle build tool and necessary dependencies and build FunctionalJava.

== Features

A more complete description of the features mentioned above are:

== License

link:etc/LICENCE[The Functional Java license] uses the BSD 3 license (3-clause license) available at[].

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