A torch implementation of "Pixel-Level Domain Transfer"

Pixel Level Domain Transfer

A torch implementation of “Pixel-Level Domain Transfer”. based on dcgan.torch.


The dataset used is “LookBook”, from Donggeun Yoo.


To train the model, put the LOOKBOOK dataset under repository, resize images to 64*64. Prepare the dataset using prepare_data.ipynb. Then run

th main.lua

You can tune the parameters, such as number of filters, optimizer, etc.

Example results

Example results on LOOKBOOK dataset(top), left is input, right is generated clothes. Results on a similar dataset (bottom). More results will be added soon.


Monitor the performance

  • Install display package with: luarocks install https://raw.githubusercontent.com/szym/display/master/display-scm-0.rockspec
  • Start the server with: th -ldisplay.start
  • Open this URL in your browser: http://localhost:8000

Below shows the results after 7 epochs, each 3*1 block is generated cloth, true cloth, input image. Errors of G, D, and A network will be plotted.

epoch 7

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A torch implementation of "Pixel-Level Domain Transfer" ...