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utility belt for automated testing in python (inspired by @visionmedia's should.js)


A testing library for python with powerful and flexible assertions. Sure is heavily inspired by should.js <>__

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[email protected]:~$ [sudo] pip install sure


Available in the website <>__ or under the docs directory.

You can also build the documentation locally using sphinx:

.. code:: bash

make docs

Here is a tease

Equality ~~~~~~~~

(number).should.equal(number) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

.. code:: python

import sure

(4) + 2)
(7.5).should.eql(3.5 + 4)


Assert dictionary and its contents ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

.. code:: python

{'foo': 'bar'}.should.equal({'foo': 'bar'})
{'foo': 'bar'}.should.have.key('foo').which.should.equal('bar')

“A string”.lower().should.equal(“a string”) also works ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

.. code:: python

"Awesome ASSERTIONS".lower().split().should.equal(['awesome', 'assertions'])

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