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PHP wrapper for ejabberd xml-rpc module


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mod_xmlrpc is a module for ejabberd, a XMPP/Jabber server written in Erlang. It starts a XML-RPC server and waits for external requests. Implemented calls include statistics and user administration. This allows external programs written in any language like websites or administrative tools to communicate with ejabberd to get information or to make changes without the need to know ejabberd internals.

One example usage is a corporate site in PHP that creates a Jabber user every time a new user is created on the website. Some benefits of interfacing with the Jabber server by XML-RPC instead of modifying directly the database are:

  • external programs are more simple and easy to develop and debug
  • can communicate with a server in a different machine, and even on Internet

This library is an simple wrapper above php xmlrpc module to simplify ejabberd mod_xmlrpc usage from php. PHP code based on mod_admin_extra.erl and mod_muc_admin.erl source files.


PHP >= 5.4



The recommended way to install library is composer. You can see package information on Packagist.

	"require": {
		"gamenet/php-jabber-rpc": "*"

Do not use composer?

Just clone the repository and take care about autoload for namespace GameNet.


Basic usage looks like this:

    $rpc = new \GameNet\Jabber\RpcClient([
        'server' => '',
        'host' => '',
        'debug' => false,

    //Create 2 new users with name `Ivan` and `Petr` with password `someStrongPassword`
    $rpc->createUser('Ivan', 'someStrongPassword');
    $rpc->createUser('Petr', 'someStrongPassword');

    // Add each other in the contact list with group 'Friend'
    $rpc->addRosterItem('Ivan', 'Petr', 'Petr Ivanov', 'Friend');
    $rpc->addRosterItem('Petr', 'Ivan', 'Ivan Petrov', 'Friend');

    // Get contact list Ivan
    $contacts = $rpc->getRoster($username);

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