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An emulator for Cloud Spanner


go get github.com/gcpug/handy-spanner/cmd/handy-spanner

The Spanner emulator uses sqlite3 internally. You may need to build go-sqlite3 explicitly. It also requires cgo to use sqlite3.

go get -u github.com/mattn/go-sqlite3
go install github.com/mattn/go-sqlite3


Run as an independent process



docker run --rm -it -p 9999:9999 handy-spanner

It runs a fake spanner server as a process. It serves spanner gRPC server by port 9999 by default.

Access to the server

The google-cloud-go, the official Spanner SDK, supports to access an emulator server. Set the address to an emulator server to environment variable SPANNER_EMULATOR_HOST, then google-cloud-go transparently use the server in the client.

So if you want to replace spanner server with the fake server you run, just do:

export SPANNER_EMULATOR_HOST=localhost:9999

Note that the fake spanner server has no databases nor tables by default. You need to create them by yourself.

Run as a buillt-in server in Go

If you use a fake spanner server in tests in Go, it's easier to run it in a process. See an example for the details.

Note that it becomes specific implementations for a fake server, which means you cannot switch the backend depending on the situation. If you want to test on both real spanner and fake, it's better to use a fake server as an independent process.

Can and Cannot

Supported features

  • Read
    • Keys and KeyRange as KeySet
    • Secondary index
    • STORING columns for secondary index
    • Respect column orders for index
  • Query
    • Select result set by column name and *
    • Most operators in WHERE clause: IN, BETWEEN, IS NULL
    • Conditions in WHERE clause: =, !=, >, <, AND, OR
    • Order By keyword with ASC, DESC
    • Group By and Having statement
    • SELECT alias
    • Query Parameters
    • Literals (except STRUCT)
    • JOINs
    • Subquery
    • SET operations: UNION, INTERSECT, EXCEPT
    • UNNEST
    • Functions (partially)
    • Arithmetic operations
  • Mutation
    • All mutation types: Insert, Update, InsertOrUpdate, Replace, Delete
    • Commit timestamp
  • DML
    • fully not yet supported
  • DDL
    • CreateTable, CreateIndex only
  • Data Types
    • Int, Float, String, Bool, Byte, Date, Timestamp, Array

Not supported features

  • Transaction
    • Applying mutations is not transactional
    • Optimistic lock
    • No check for transaction type RO/RW
  • Query
    • Strict type checking
    • More functions
    • Partionan Query
    • Merging INT64 and FLOAT64 in SET operations
    • Array operations
    • Struct
  • DML
    • not yet
  • DDL
    • Alter Table, Drop Table, Drop Index
    • Database management
    • Long running operations
  • Replace
    • wrong behavior on conflict


  • Author: Masahiro Sano (@kazegusuri)
  • Copyright: 2019 Masahiro Sano
  • License: Apache License, Version 2.0

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