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Awesome list of Angular seed repos, starters, boilerplates, examples, tutorials, components, modules, videos, and anything else in the Angular ecosystem. View as github page.

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Angular is a development platform for building mobile and desktop web applications.

Official Resources


Angular Team on twitter

Experts on Twitter

List of Angular experts you should follow on Twitter (in no particular order). This list is by no means complete.

Google Developer Experts

Server-Side Rendering

Material Design

  • Official Angular Material Design (GitHub)
  • md2 Angular2 based Material Design components, directives and services are Accordion, Autocomplete, Collapse, Colorpicker, Datepicker, Dialog(Modal), Menu, Multiselect, Select, Switch, Tabs, Tags(Chips), Toast and Tooltip.
  • ng2-material set of material2 examples and extra components (data table, dialog, …) built on top of @angular2-material/core
  • angular2-mdl Angular 2 components, directives and styles based on Material Design Lite
  • mdl-ext Material Design Lite Ext (carusel, grid, lightbox, selectfield, sticky header, …)
  • ng2-materialize An Angular 2 wrap around Materialize library
  • Material Light Light, fast and easy to use Material Design components for Angular 2+ (Especially for mobile UI). There are several alternatives but this one has added value and advantages in my opinion (Take a loot at the for details). There is also an online demo to see it in action. (API documentation is still lacking but in process).
  • Blox Material A lightweight Material Design library for Angular, based upon Google’s Material Components for the Web.
  • Material Web Components Material Web Components for Angular. A faithful and accurate representation of Material Design as envisioned on the web.




Directives allow you to attach behavior to elements in the DOM.


A component is a directive which uses shadow DOM to create encapsulate visual behavior. Components are typically used to create UI widgets or to break up the application into smaller components.


A View is a core primitive used by angular to render the DOM tree.


Templates are markup which is added to HTML to declaratively describe how the application model should be projected to DOM as well as which DOM events should invoke which methods on the controller.

Change detection

Every component gets a change detector responsible for checking the bindings defined in its template.

Dependency Injection

Angular 1.x has two APIs for injecting dependencies into a directive. Angular 2 unifies the two APIs, making the code easier to understand and test.


Pipes can be appended on the end of the expressions to translate the value to a different format.

Web Workers

WebWorker support in Angular is designed to make it easy to leverage parallelization in your web application. When you choose to run your application in a WebWorker angular runs both your application’s logic and the majority of the core angular framework in a WebWorker.


Http is available as an injectable class, with methods to perform http requests. Calling request returns an EventEmitter which will emit a single Response when a response is received.

Ahead-of-Time Compilation

Angular CLI



Video Tutorials

Style Guides

Angular Connect


On-Site Training

Approach and Explanation


Third Party Components

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:page_facing_up: A curated list of awesome Angular resources by @TipeIO ...



:page_facing_up: A curated list of awesome Angular 2 and Angular 4 resources by @AngularClass ...



:page_facing_up: A curated list of awesome Angular 2 and Angular 4 resources by @AngularClass ...



{MEAN Stack on Steroids} The ultimate full-stack AngularJS + Node.js/Express seed (batteries included!) that makes web developers insanely productive. (Angular, AngularUI, Barbeque, Bootstrap, Bower, Browserify, Docker, Express, Font Awesome, Grunt, Handl ...



A rails plugin for scaffolding views using Angular.js, Twitter bootstrap and font-awesome. ...