webpack boilerplate

3 years after

ENDOSKELETON (will be completed soon).

Built with Webpack 2 and React Router 4.

Personal boilerplate for isomorphic sideprojects.


  1. git clone [email protected]:gerardmrk/endoskeleton.git

  2. cd endoskeleton && npm install && atom .

  3. Open up .config, and set preferences accordingly:

    • app.meta.json: Describes important (mostly SEO-essential) header tag values.
    • build.entries.json: Client bundles that will be generated by Webpack and included in script tags.
    • paths.json: Key paths in the projects (ALL paths listed here will be resolved relative from root to their absolute paths, behind the scenes).
    • paths.pseudo.json: Relative paths and file-formats (these paths WON'T be converted to absolute paths).
    • paths.aliases.json: Maps aliases to their respective path-constants from paths.json.
    • routes.json: Client-side routes configuration.
  4. Run these 3 commands in their respective terminals:

    • npm run build:client
    • npm run build:renderer:watch (polls for changes)
    • npm run start:dev

Server is built with webpack, so it recognizes requiring of css files, image files, json files etc...

Current list of files with static, relative path-references:

  • .config/helpers/parseConfigs.js

  • .config/build_assets/html_template.html

  • .config/webpack.client.config.babel.js

  • index.js

  • source/app/routes/index.js

  • source/app/components/**/*.css

  • source/app/containers/**/*.css

All I need to do now is finish up the hot reloading.

Then, I optimize the shit out of it, add the docker-compose, and find a way to somehow run one command for everything to work (instead of 4 different commands with 4 terminal windows open).