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Xorm is a simple and powerful ORM for Go.

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This is the tests project for xorm.

Please add your test codes here if you want to pull request to xorm.

How to run the tests

  • test sqlite
  • test mysql or mymysql

Create empty databases xorm_test, xorm_test1, xorm_test2, xorm_test3 on your mysql server and make an account root, and let passwd empty on localhost, and then run:

  • test postgres

Create empty database xorm_test on your postgres and and let passwd empty for default account on localhost, and then run:


Running tests by name

You can also use run_tests.sh script:

./run_tests.sh <db>  # e.g. mysql

Run all tests:


Running tests using docker

You can also use run_tests_docker.sh script that will pull and run preconfigured images with database engines, and run tests on them. With this approach, you don’t need to configure anything, just install docker and run the script.

Run specific test:

./run_tests_docker.sh <db>  # e.g. mysql

Run specific test with given database version:

./run_tests_docker.sh <db>:<version>  # e.g. mysql:5.5

Run all tests:


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