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An evaluation context for Rust.

This project consists of several related crates.

  • evcxr_jupyter - A Jupyter Kernel

  • evcxr_repl - A Rust REPL

  • evcxr - Common library shared by the above crates, may be useful for other purposes.

  • evcxr_runtime - Functions and traits for interacting with Evcxr from libraries that users may use from Evcxr.

If you think you’d like a REPL, I’d definitely recommend checking our the Jupyter kernel. It’s pretty much a REPL experience, but in a web browser.

To see what it can do, it’s probably best to start with a tour of the Jupyter kernel. Github should allow you to preview this, or you can load it from Jupyter Notebook and run it yourself.


This is not an officially supported Google product. It’s released by Google only because the (original) author happens to work there.

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