Simple Faust Editor in a Web page

11 months after


The online Faust Editor can be used to edit, compile and run Faust code from any recent Web Browser with webassembly support. It works completely on the client side and it is therefore very convenient for situations with many simultaneous users (workshops, classrooms, etc.). It embeds the latest version of the Faust compiler with an efficient webassembly backend and offers polyphonic MIDI support.


The editor engine is based on codemirror. It provides syntax highlighting, auto completion and direct access to the online documentation. The documentation command (ctrl-d) uses the function name at the cursor position to locate to the relevant information.

Recommended Browsers

The recommended browsers are the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome. Chrome is recommended for MIDI, but it requires an https connexion to use the audio inputs. On the other hand MIDI is not supported by Firefox.

Useful links