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A curated list of amazingly awesome Elixir and Erlang libraries, resources and shiny things. Updates:

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A curated list of amazingly awesome Elixir libraries, resources, and shiny things inspired by awesome-php.

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Libraries and tools for working with actors and such.

  • dflow - Pipelined flow processing engine.
  • exactor - Helpers for easier implementation of actors in Elixir.
  • exos - A Port Wrapper which forwards cast and call to a linked Port.
  • flowex - Railway Flow-Based Programming with Elixir GenStage.
  • mon_handler - A minimal GenServer that monitors a given GenEvent handler.
  • pool_ring - Create a pool based on a hash ring.
  • poolboy - A hunky Erlang worker pool factory.
  • pooler - An OTP Process Pool Application.
  • sbroker - Sojourn-time based active queue management library.
  • workex - Backpressure and flow control in EVM processes.

Algorithms and Data structures

Libraries and implementations of algorithms and data structures.

  • array - An Elixir wrapper library for Erlang’s array.
  • aruspex - Aruspex is a configurable constraint solver, written purely in Elixir.
  • bitmap - Pure Elixir implementation of bitmaps.
  • blocking_queue - BlockingQueue is a simple queue implemented as a GenServer. It has a fixed maximum length established when it is created.
  • bloomex - A pure Elixir implementation of Scalable Bloom Filters.
  • clope - Elixir implementation of CLOPE: A Fast and Effective Clustering Algorithm for Transactional Data.
  • combination - Elixir library to generate combinations and permutations from Enumerable collection.
  • count_buffer - Buffer a large set of counters and flush periodically.
  • cuckoo - A pure Elixir implementation of Cuckoo Filters.
  • cuid - Collision-resistant ids optimized for horizontal scaling and sequential lookup performance, written in Elixir.
  • data_morph - Create Elixir structs from data.
  • dataframe - Package providing functionality similar to Python’s Pandas or R’s data.frame().
  • datastructures - A collection of protocols, implementations and wrappers to work with data structures.
  • dlist - Deque implementations in Elixir.
  • eastar - A* graph pathfinding in pure Elixir.
  • ecto_state_machine - Finite state machine pattern implemented on Elixir and adopted for Ecto.
  • elistrix - A latency / fault tolerance library to help isolate your applications from an uncertain world of slow or failed services.
  • erlang-algorithms - Implementations of popular data structures and algorithms.
  • exconstructor - An Elixir library for generating struct constructors that handle external data with ease.
  • exfsm - Simple elixir library to define a static FSM.
  • exkad - A kademlia implementation in Elixir.
  • exmatrix - ExMatrix is a small library for working with matrices, originally developed for testing matrix multiplication in parallel.
  • ezcryptex - Thin layer on top of Cryptex.
  • fnv - Pure Elixir implementation of Fowler–Noll–Vo hash functions.
  • fsm - Finite state machine as a functional data structure.
  • fuse - This application implements a so-called circuit-breaker for Erlang.
  • gen_fsm - A generic finite state-machine - Elixir wrapper around OTP’s gen_fsm.
  • graphmath - An Elixir library for performing 2D and 3D mathematics.
  • hash_ring_ex - A consistent hash-ring implementation for Elixir.
  • hypex - Fast Elixir implementation of HyperLogLog.
  • indifferent - Indifferent access for Elixir maps/list/tuples with custom key conversion.
  • isaac - Isaac is an elixir module for ISAAC: a fast cryptographic random number generator.
  • key2value - Erlang 2-way Set Associative Map.
  • lfsr - Elixir implementation of a binary Galois Linear Feedback Shift Register.
  • loom - A CRDT library with δ-CRDT support.
  • luhn - Luhn algorithm in Elixir.
  • lz4 - LZ4 bindings for Erlang for fast data compressing.
  • memoize - A memoization macro (defmemo) for elixir using a genserver backing store.
  • merkle_tree - A Merkle hash tree implementation in Elixir.
  • minmaxlist - Elixir library extending Enum.min_by/2, Enum.max_by/2 and Enum.min_max_by/2 to return a list of results instead of just one.
  • mmath - A library for performing math on number ‘arrays’ in binaries.
  • monad - Haskell inspired monads in Elixir stylish syntax.
  • monadex - Upgrade your Elixir pipelines with monads.
  • murmur - A pure Elixir implementation of the non-cryptographic hash Murmur3.
  • natural_sort - Elixir natural sort implementation for lists of strings.
  • navigation_tree - A navigation tree representation with helpers to generate HTML out of it.
  • parallel_stream - A parallel stream implementation for Elixir.
  • paratize - Elixir library providing some handy parallel processing (execution) facilities that support configuring number of workers and timeout.
  • parex - Parallel Execute (Parex) is an Elixir module for executing multiple (slow) processes in parallel.
  • qex - Wraps :queue, with improved API and Inspect, Collectable and Enumerable protocol implementations.
  • ratio - Adds Rational Numbers and allows them to be used in common arithmatic operations. Also supports conversion between Floats and Rational Numbers.
  • red_black_tree - Red-Black tree implementation in Elixir.
  • remodel - An Elixir presenter package used to transform map structures.
  • rendezvous - Implementation of the Rendezvous or Highest Random Weight (HRW) hashing algorithm in Elixir.
  • rock - Elixir implementation of ROCK: A Robust Clustering Algorithm for Categorical Attributes.
  • sfmt - SIMD-oriented Fast Mersenne Twister (SFMT) for Erlang.
  • simhash - Simhash implementation using Siphash and N-grams.
  • sorted_set - Sorted Sets for Elixir.
  • spacesaving - stream count distinct element estimation using the “space saving” algorithm.
  • structurez - A playground for data structures in Elixir.
  • supermemo - An Elixir implementation of the Supermemo 2 algorithm.
  • tfidf - An Elixir implementation of term frequency–inverse document frequency.
  • the_fuzz - Fuzzy string-matching algorithm implementations.
  • tinymt - Tiny Mersenne Twister (TinyMT) for Erlang.
  • trie - Erlang Trie Implementation.
  • witchcraft - Common algebraic structures and functions for Elixir.
  • zipper_tree - Variadic arity tree with a zipper for Elixir.


Standalone applications. * Alher - Alexander is a rock-solid IRC bot written in Elixir with powerful plugins. * bpe - Business Process Engine in Erlang. * Consolex - Consolex is a tool that allows you to attach a web based console to any mix project. * dragonfly_server - Elixir app to serve Dragonfly images. * ExChat - A Slack-like app by Elixir, Phoenix & React(redux). * Exon - A “mess manager” developed in Elixir and provides a simple API to manage & document your stuff. * ExShop - Digital goods shop & blog created using Phoenix framework. * Hydra - A multi-headed beast: API gateway, request cache, and data transformations. * majremind - A self-maintained database of your updated server which tells you which one needs to be updated. * medex - Medical Examination - application for register health check callbacks and represent their state via HTTP. * medusa_server - A simple cowboy web server written in Elixir to stack images. * n2o - WebSocket Application Server. * Nvjorn - A multi-protocol network services monitor written in Elixir using Poolboy. * Phoenix Battleship - The Good Old game built with Elixir, Phoenix Framework, React and Redux. * Phoenix Toggl - Toggl tribute done in Elixir, Phoenix Framework, React and Redux. * Phoenix Trello - Trello tribute done in Elixir, Phoenix Framework, React and Redux. * poxa - Open Pusher implementation, compatible with Pusher libraries. * Queerlink - A simple yet efficient URL shortening service written in Elixir. * Sprint Poker - Online estimation tool for Agile teams, written using Elixir Lang, Phoenix Framework and React. * Startup Job - An umbrella project to search startup jobs scraped from websites written in Elixir/Phoenix and React/Redux. * tty2048 - Terminal-based 2048 game written in Elixir.

Artificial Intelligence

When your code becomes smarter than you.

  • Exnn - Evolutive Neural Networks framework à la G.Sher written in Elixir.
  • Neat-Ex - An Elixir implementation of the NEAT algorithm.
  • simple_bayes - A Simple Bayes / Naive Bayes implementation in Elixir.

Audio and Sounds

Libraries working with sounds and tones.

  • erlaudio - Erlang PortAudio bindings.
  • synthex - A signal synthesis library.


Libraries for implementing authentication schemes.

  • aeacus - A simple configurable identity/password authentication module (Compatible with Ecto/Phoenix).
  • apache_passwd_md5 - Apache/APR Style Password Hashing.
  • aws_auth - AWS Signature Version 4 Signing Library for Elixir.
  • blackbook - All-in-one membership/authentication system for Elixir.
  • coherence - Coherence is a full featured, configurable authentication system for Phoenix.
  • doorman - Tools to make Elixir authentication simple and flexible.
  • github_oauth - A simple github oauth library.
  • goth - OAuth 2.0 library for server to server applications via Google Cloud APIs.
  • guardian - An authentication framework for use with Elixir applications.
  • htpasswd - Apache htpasswd file reader/writer in Elixir.
  • mojoauth - MojoAuth implementation in Elixir.
  • oauth2 - An OAuth 2.0 client library for Elixir.
  • oauth2cli - Simple OAuth2 client written for Elixir.
  • oauth2ex - Another OAuth 2.0 client library for Elixir.
  • oauther - An OAuth 1.0 implementation for Elixir.
  • openmaize - Authentication library for Elixir.
  • sesamex - Another simple and flexible authentication solution in 5 minutes!.
  • shield - An OAuth 2.0 provider library and implementation for Phoenix Framework.
  • sigaws - AWS Signature V4 signing and verification library (Doc).
  • ueberauth - An Elixir Authentication System for Plug-based Web Applications.
  • ueberauth_active_directory - Uberauth strategy for Active Directory authentication.
  • ueberauth_auth0 - An Ueberauth strategy for using Auth0 to authenticate your users.
  • ueberauth_cas - Central Authentication Service strategy for Überauth.
  • ueberauth_facebook - Facebook OAuth2 Strategy for Überauth.
  • ueberauth_foursquare - Foursquare OAuth2 Strategy for Überauth.
  • ueberauth_github - A GitHub strategy for Überauth.
  • ueberauth_google - A Google strategy for Überauth.
  • ueberauth_identity - A simple username/password strategy for Überauth.
  • ueberauth_line - LINE Strategy for Überauth.
  • ueberauth_microsoft - A Microsoft strategy for Überauth.
  • ueberauth_slack - A Slack strategy for Überauth.
  • ueberauth_twitter - Twitter Strategy for Überauth.
  • ueberauth_vk - Strategy for Überauth.
  • ueberauth_weibo - Weibo OAuth2 Strategy for Überauth.


Libraries for implementing Authorization handling.

  • authorize - Rule based authorization, for advanced authorization rules.
  • bodyguard - A flexible authorization library for Phoenix applications.
  • canada - A simple authorization library that provides a friendly interface using declarative permission rules.
  • canary - An authorization library for Elixir applications that restricts what resources the current user is allowed to access.

Behaviours and Interfaces

Definitions how something should behave, like Interfaces from OOP-World

  • connection - Connection behaviour for connection processes. The API is superset of the GenServer API.
  • gen_state_machine - Elixir wrapper for gen_statem.
  • stockastic - Simple Elixir wrapper for the Stockfighter API.


Running code to see how long it takes, which is faster and/or if improvements have been made.

  • benchee - Easy and extensible benchmarking in Elixir!
  • benchfella - Benchmarking tool for Elixir.
  • bmark - A benchmarking tool for Elixir.


Sharing is caring with Elixir

  • bento - An incredibly fast, correct, pure-Elixir Bencoding library.
  • tracker_request - Dealing with bittorrent tracker requests and responses.
  • wire - Encode and decode bittorrent peer wire protocol messages with Elixir.


Libraries and implementations working with BSON.

  • BSONMap - Elixir package that applies a function to each document in a BSON file and has a low memory consumption.

Build Tools

Project build and automation tools.

  • active - Recompilation and Reloading on FileSystem changes.
  • coffee_rotor - Rotor plugin to compile CoffeeScript files.
  • dismake - Mix compiler running make.
  • etude - Parallel computation coordination compiler for Erlang/Elixir.
  • ExMake - A modern, scriptable, dependency-based build tool loosely based on Make principles.
  • Exscript - Elixir escript library.
  • mad - Small and Fast Rebar Replacement.
  • pc - A rebar3 port compiler.
  • reaxt - React template into your Elixir application for server rendering.
  • rebar3_abnfc_plugin - Rebar3 abnfc compiler.
  • rebar3_asn1_compiler - Plugin for compiling ASN.1 modules with Rebar3.
  • rebar3_auto - Rebar3 plugin to auto compile and reload on file change.
  • rebar3_diameter_compiler - Compile diameter .dia files in rebar3 projects.
  • rebar3_eqc - A rebar3 plugin to enable the execution of Erlang QuickCheck properties.
  • rebar3_exunit - A plugin to run Elixir ExUnit tests from rebar3 build tool.
  • rebar3_idl_compiler - This is a plugin for compiling Erlang IDL files using Rebar3.
  • rebar3_live - Rebar3 live plugin.
  • rebar3_neotoma_plugin - Rebar3 neotoma (Parser Expression Grammar) compiler.
  • rebar3_protobuffs - rebar3 protobuffs provider using protobuffs from Basho.
  • rebar3_run - Run a release with one simple command.
  • rebar3_yang_plugin - Rebar3 yang compiler.
  • reltool_util - Erlang reltool utility functionality application.
  • relx - A release assembler for Erlang.
  • remix - Automatic recompilation of Mix code on file change.
  • rotor - Super-simple build system for Elixir.
  • sass_elixir - A sass plugin for Elixir projects.


Libraries for caching data.

  • cachex - A powerful caching library for Elixir with a wide featureset.
  • con_cache - ConCache is an ETS based key/value storage.
  • elixir_locker - Locker is an Elixir wrapper for the locker Erlang library that provides some useful libraries that should make using locker a bit easier.
  • jc - In-memory, distributable cache with pub/sub, JSON-query and consistency support.
  • locker - Atomic distributed “check and set” for short-lived keys.
  • lru_cache - Simple LRU Cache, implemented with ets.
  • stash - A straightforward, fast, and user-friendly key/value store.


Chatting via IRC, Slack, HipChat and other systems using Elixir.

  • alice - A Slack bot framework for Elixir.
  • chatty - A basic IRC client that is most useful for writing a bot.
  • cog - Cog is an open chatops platform that gives you a secure, collaborative command line right in your chat window.
  • ExIrc - IRC client adapter for Elixir projects.
  • ExMustang - A simple, clueless slackbot and collection of responders.
  • Guri - Automate tasks using chat messages.
  • hedwig - XMPP Client/Bot Framework for Elixir.
  • kaguya - A small, powerful, and modular IRC bot.
  • slacker - A bot library for the Slack chat service.
  • yocingo - Create your own Telegram Bot.

Cloud Infrastructure and Management

Applications, tools and libraries for your own cloud service.

  • aws - AWS clients for Elixir.
  • Cloudi - CloudI is for back-end server processing tasks that require soft-realtime transaction.
  • discovery - An OTP application for auto-discovering services with Consul.
  • erlcloud - Cloud Computing library for Erlang (Amazon EC2, S3, SQS, SimpleDB, Mechanical Turk, ELB).
  • ex_aws - AWS client, supporting Dynamo, Kinesis, Lambda, SQS, and S3.
  • ex_riak_cs - Riak CS API client.
  • fleet_api - A simple wrapper for the Fleet (CoreOS) API. Can be used with etcd tokens or via direct node URLs.
  • Gandi - Gandi Wrapper for Leaseweb infrastructure.
  • IElixir - Jupyter’s kernel for Elixir programming language.
  • Kubex - Kubernetes client and integration for Elixir, written in pure Elixir.
  • Leaseweb - Elixir Wrapper for Leaseweb infrastructure.
  • libcluster - Automatic cluster formation/healing for Elixir applications.
  • nodefinder - Strategies for automatic node discovery in Erlang.
  • nomad - Create cloud portable Elixir and Phoenix apps. Write once, use everywhere!
  • oceanex - Digital Ocean API client.
  • sidejob - Parallel worker and capacity limiting library for Erlang.
  • sidetask - SideTask is an alternative to Task.Supervisor using Basho’s sidejob library with parallelism and capacity limiting.
  • skycluster - Automatic Erlang cluster formation, messaging and management for Elixir/Erlang applications. Integrated with Kubernetes.

Code Analysis

Libraries and tools for code base analysis, parsing, and manipulation.

  • belvedere - An example of CircleCI integration with Elixir.
  • coverex - Coverage Reports for Elixir.
  • credo - A static code analysis tool with a focus on code consistency and teaching Elixir.
  • dialyxir - Mix tasks to simplify use of Dialyzer in Elixir projects.
  • dogma - A code style linter for Elixir, powered by shame.
  • excoveralls - Coverage report tool for Elixir with integration.
  • exprof - A simple code profiler for Elixir, using eprof.

Command Line Applications

Anything helpful for building CLI applications.

  • anubis - Command-Line application framework for Elixir.
  • firex - Firex is a library for automatically generating command line interfaces (CLIs) from an elixir module.
  • getopt - Command-line options parser for Erlang.
  • loki - Library for creating interactive command-line application.
  • meld - Create global binaries from mix tasks.
  • optimus - Command-line option parser for Elixir inspired by
  • progress_bar - Command-line progress bars and spinners.
  • table_rex - Generate configurable ASCII style tables for display.
  • tabula - Pretty print list of Ecto query results / maps in ascii tables (GitHub Markdown/OrgMode).


Libraries and tools working with configurations

  • confex - Helper module that provides a nice way to read environment configuration at runtime.
  • configparser_ex - A simple Elixir parser for the same kind of files that Python’s configparser library handles.
  • conform - Easy release configuration for Elixir apps.
  • dotenv - A port of dotenv to Elixir.
  • ex_conf - Simple Elixir Configuration Management.
  • figaro - Simple Elixir project configuration.
  • figaro_elixir - Environmental variables manager for Elixir.
  • sweetconfig - Read YAML configuration files from any point at your app.


Encrypting and decrypting data

  • aescmac - AES CMAC (RFC 4493) in Elixir.
  • cipher - Elixir crypto library to encrypt/decrypt arbitrary binaries.
  • cloak - Cloak makes it easy to use encryption with Ecto.
  • comeonin - Password authorization (bcrypt, pbkdf2_sha512 and one-time passwords) library for Elixir.
  • crypto_rsassa_pss - RSASSA-PSS Public Key Cryptographic Signature Algorithm for Erlang.
  • elixir_tea - TEA implementation in Elixir.
  • ex_bcrypt - Elixir wrapper for the OpenBSD bcrypt password hashing algorithm.
  • ex_crypto - Elixir wrapper for Erlang crypto and public_key modules. Provides sensible defaults for many crypto functions to make them easier to use.
  • exgpg - Use gpg from Elixir.
  • pot - Erlang library for generating one time passwords compatible with Google Authenticator.
  • rsa - public_key cryptography wrapper for Elixir.
  • rsa_ex - Library for working with RSA keys.
  • siphash-elixir - Elixir implementation of the SipHash hash family.
  • tea_crypto - Tiny Encryption Algorithm implementation.


Libraries and implementations working with CSV.

  • cesso - CSV handling library for Elixir.
  • csv - CSV Decoding and Encoding for Elixir.
  • csvlixir - A CSV reading/writing application for Elixir.
  • ex_csv - CSV for Elixir.
  • nimble_csv - A simple and fast CSV parsing and dumping library for Elixir.

Date and Time

Libraries for working with dates and times.

  • block_timer - Macros to use :timer.apply_after and :timer.apply_interval with a block.
  • calendar - Calendar is a date and time library for Elixir.
  • chronos - An Elixir date/time library.
  • cronex - Cron like system you can mount in your supervision tree.
  • crontab - A Cron Expressions Parser, Composer & Date Candidate Finder.
  • ex_ical - ICalendar parser.
  • filtrex - A library for performing and validating complex SQL-like filters from a client (e.g. smart filters).
  • good_times - Expressive and easy to use datetime functions.
  • jalaali - Jalaali calendar implementation for Elixir.
  • milliseconds - Simple library to work with milliseconds in Elixir.
  • moment - Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates in Elixir.
  • quantum - Cron-like job scheduler for Elixir applications.
  • repeatex - Natural language parsing for repeating dates.
  • timelier - A cron-style scheduler for Elixir.
  • timex - Easy to use Date and Time modules for Elixir.
  • timex_interval - A date/time interval library for Elixir projects, based on Timex.
  • tzdata - The timezone database in Elixir.


Libraries and tools for debugging code and applications.

  • beaker - Statistics and Metrics library for Elixir.
  • booter - Boot an Elixir application, step by step.
  • dbg - Distributed tracing for Elixir.
  • eflame - Flame Graph profiler for Erlang.
  • eh - A tool to look up Elixir documentation from the command line.
  • eper - Erlang performance and debugging tools.
  • ether - Ether provides functionality to hook Elixir into the Erlang debugger.
  • exrun - Distributed tracing for Elixir with rate limiting and simple macro-based interface.
  • observer_cli - Visualize Elixir & Erlang nodes on the command line, it aims to helpe developers debug production systems.
  • quaff - The Debug module provides a simple helper interface for running Elixir code in the erlang graphical debugger.
  • visualixir - A process visualizer for remote BEAM nodes.


Installing and running your code automatically on other machines.

  • ansible-elixir-stack - 1-command setup & deploys to servers, with first-class support for Phoenix apps.
  • bottler - Bottler is a collection of tools that aims to help you generate releases, ship them to your servers, install them there, and get them live on production.
  • edeliver - Deployment for Elixir and Erlang.
  • exdm - Deploy Elixir applications via mix tasks.
  • gatling - Collection of mix tasks to automatically create a exrm release from git and launch/upgrade it on your server.
  • heroku-buildpack-elixir - Heroku buildpack to deploy Elixir apps to Heroku.
  • Nanobox - A micro-PaaS (μPaaS) for creating consistent, isolated, development environments deployable anywhere


Libraries and tools for creating documentation.

  • bureaucrat - Generate Phoenix API documentation from tests.
  • ex_doc - ExDoc is a tool to generate documentation for your Elixir projects.
  • ex_doc_dash - Formatter for ExDoc to generate docset documentation for use in
  • hexdocset - Convert hex doc to’s docset format.
  • inch-ci - Documentation badges for Ruby & Elixir.
  • maru_swagger - Add swagger compliant documentation to your maru API.
  • phoenix_api_docs - Generate API Blueprint documentation from controllers and tests in the Phoenix framework.
  • phoenix_swagger - Provides swagger integration to the Phoenix framework.

Domain-specific language

Specialized computer languages for a particular application domain.


Implementations working with JavaScript, JScript or ActionScript.

  • estree - A implementation of the SpiderMonkey Parser API in Elixir.
  • phoenix_gon - Allow you to pass Phoenix environment or controller variables to JavaScript without problems.


Working with Email and stuff.

  • bamboo - Composable, testable and adapter based email library. Out of the box support for rendering with Phoenix and a plug for previewing sent emails in dev.
  • echo - A meta-notification system; Echo checks notification preferences & dispatches notifications.
  • ex_postmark - Postmark adapter for sending template emails in Elixir.
  • gen_smtp - A generic Erlang SMTP server and client that can be extended via callback modules.
  • gmail - A simple Gmail REST API client for Elixir.
  • mail - An RFC2822 implementation in Elixir, built for composability.
  • mailer - A simple SMTP mailer.
  • mailibex - Library containing Email-related implementations in Elixir: dkim, spf, dmark, mimemail, smtp.
  • mailman - Mailman provides a clean way of defining mailers in your Elixir applications.
  • pop3mail - Pop3 client to download email (including attachments) from the inbox via the commandline or Elixir API.
  • ravenx - Notification dispatch library for Elixir applications.
  • smoothie - Smoothie inline styles of your email templates, and generates a plain text version from the HTML.
  • swoosh - Compose, deliver and test your Emails easily in Elixir with adapters for SMTP, Sendgrid, Mandrill, Mailgun, Postmark and Phoenix integration with mailbox preview.

Embedded Systems

Embedded systems development.

  • bake - Configure, compile and share systems, toolchains and linux firmware.
  • nerves - A framework for writing embedded software in Elixir.

Encoding and Compression

Transforming data in different formats or compressing it.

  • ex_rlp - Elixir implementation of Ethereum’s RLP (Recursive Length Prefix) encoding.
  • huffman - Huffman encoding and decoding in Elixir.

Errors and Exception Handling

Working with errors and exceptions.

  • exceptional - Helpers for happy-path programming & exception handling.
  • happy - Happy path programming, alternative to elixir with form.
  • OK - Elegant error handling with result monads, featuring a simple & powerful with construct and a happy path pipe operator.
  • ok_jose - Pipe elixir functions that match {:ok,_}, {:error,_} tuples or custom patterns.
  • sentry-elixir - The Official Elixir client for Sentry.


Sending/Emitting and receiving/handling Events in Elixir.

  • goldrush - Small, Fast event processing and monitoring for Erlang/OTP applications.
  • reaxive - Reaxive is a reactive event handling library, inspired by Elm and Reactive Extensions.

Examples and funny stuff

Example code and stuff too funny or curious not to mention.

  • butler_cage - A Butler plugin for showing silly photos of Nick Cage.
  • butler_tableflip - Flipping tables with butler.
  • dice - Roll the dice, in Elixir.
  • elixir_koans - Elixir koans is a fun, easy way to get started with the elixir programming language.
  • ex_chain - Simple Markov Chain that generates funny tweets, built using Elixir.
  • ex_iss - This package is for interfacing with the Open Notify API to information such as the ISS’s current location, crew, and when it will pass over a location.
  • harakiri - Help applications kill themselves.
  • hello_phoenix - Application template for SPAs with Phoenix, React and Redux.
  • kaisuu - Watch Japan’s Kanji Usage on Twitter in Realtime.
  • koans - Learn Elixir by using elixir-koans.
  • lolcat - This is the clone of busyloop/lolcat. But it does not support animation and some features of the original.
  • magnetissimo - Web application that indexes all popular torrent sites, and saves it to the local database.
  • oop - OOP in Elixir!
  • phoenix-flux-react - An experiment with Phoenix Channels, GenEvents, React and Flux.
  • portal - A shooting fault-tolerant doors for distributed portal data-transfer application in Elixir.
  • rollex - Elixir library using a Pratt Parser algorithm to calculate dice rolls.
  • rubix - A very simple (and barely-functioning) Ruby runner for Elixir.
  • stranger - Elixir Phoenix app to chat anonymously with a randomly chosen stranger.
  • weather - A command line weather app built using Elixir.

Feature Flags and Toggles

Libraries to manage feature toggles (AKA feature flags): ON/OFF values that can be toggled at runtime through some interface

  • flippant - Feature flipping for the Elixir world.
  • fun_with_flags - A feature toggle library using Redis or Ecto for persistance, an ETS cache for speed and PubSub for distributed cache busting. Comes with a management web UI for Phoenix and Plug.
  • molasses - A feature toggle library using redis or SQL (using Ecto) as a backing service.


Libraries working with feeds like RSS or ATOM.

  • feeder - Parse RSS and Atom feeds.
  • feeder_ex - RSS feed parser. Simple wrapper for feeder.
  • feedme - RSS/Atom parser built on erlang’s xmerl xml parser.

Files and Directories

Libraries and implementations for working with files and directories.

  • arc - Flexible file upload and attachment library for Elixir.
  • cassius - Monitor Linux file system events.
  • dir_walker - DirWalker lazily traverses one or more directory trees, depth first, returning successive file names.
  • elixgrep - A framework for doing Hadoop style Map/Reduce operations on collections of files.
  • ex_guard - ExGuard is a mix command to handle events on file system modifications.
  • ex_minimatch - Globbing paths without walking the tree!.
  • exfile - File upload handling, persistence, and processing in Elixir and Plug.
  • exfswatch - A file change watcher wrapper based on fs.
  • eye_drops - Configurable mix task to watch file changes and run the corresponding command.
  • fs - Erlang FileSystem Listener.
  • fwatch - A callback-based file watcher based on fs.
  • librex - Elixir library to convert office documents to other formats using LibreOffice.
  • Radpath - Path library for Elixir, inspired by Python’s Enhpath.
  • sentix - A cross-platform file watcher for Elixir based on fswatch.
  • sizeable - An Elixir library to make file sizes human-readable.
  • zarex - Filename sanitization for Elixir.


Handling web formulars and similar stuff.

  • forms - Erlang Business Documents Generator.

Framework Components

Standalone component from web development frameworks.

  • absinthe_plug - Plug support for Absinthe.
  • addict - User authentication for Phoenix Framework.
  • airbrake_plug - Report errors in your Plug stack or whatever to Airbrake.
  • ashes - A code generation tool for the Phoenix web framework.
  • blaguth - Basic Access Authentication in Plug applications.
  • commanded - Command handling middleware for Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) applications.
  • cors_plug - An Elixir plug that adds CORS headers to requests and responds to preflight requests (OPTIONS).
  • corsica - Elixir library for dealing with CORS requests.
  • crudex - CRUD utilities for Phoenix and Ecto.
  • dayron - A repository similar to Ecto.Repo that works with REST API requests instead of a database.
  • ex_admin - ExAdmin is an auto administration package for Elixir and the Phoenix Framework.
  • exdjango - A few elixir libraries for working with django.
  • exrecaptcha - Simple reCaptcha display/verify code for Elixir applications.
  • filterable - Simple query params filtering for Phoenix framework inspired by Rails has_scope.
  • graphql_parser - An Elixir binding for libgraphqlparser.
  • http_router - HTTP Router with various macros to assist in developing your application and organizing your code.
  • kerosene - Pagination for Ecto and Phoenix.
  • mellon - An authentication module for Plug applications.
  • multiverse - Plug that allows to add version compatibility layers via API Request/Response Gateways.
  • params - Use Ecto to enforce/validate parameters structure, akin to Rails’ strong parameters.
  • passport - Passport provides authentication for Phoenix applications.
  • phoenix_ecto - Phoenix and Ecto integration.
  • phoenix_haml - Phoenix Template Engine for Haml.
  • phoenix_html - Phoenix.HTML functions for working with HTML strings and templates.
  • phoenix_html_sanitizer - HTML Sanitizer integration for Phoenix.
  • phoenix_html_simplified_helpers - Some helpers for phoenix html (truncate, time_ago_in_words, number_with_delimiter).
  • phoenix_linguist - A project that integrates Phoenix with Linguist, providing a plug and view helpers.
  • phoenix_live_reload - Provides live-reload functionality for Phoenix.
  • phoenix_pubsub_postgres - Postgresql PubSub adapter for Phoenix apps.
  • phoenix_pubsub_rabbitmq - RabbitMQ adapter for Phoenix’s PubSub layer.
  • phoenix_pubsub_redis - The Redis PubSub adapter for the Phoenix framework.
  • phoenix_pubsub_vernemq - The VerneMQ MQTT pubsub adapter for the Phoenix framework.
  • phoenix_slime - Slim template support for Phoenix.
  • phoenix_token_auth - Token authentication solution for Phoenix. Useful for APIs or single page apps.
  • plug - A specification and conveniences for composable modules in between web applications.
  • plug_accesslog - Plug for writing access logs.
  • plug_and_play - Set up a Plug application with less boilerplate.
  • plug_auth - Collection of authentication-related plugs.
  • plug_cloudflare - Inspired by mod_cloudflare, this Elixir plug parses Cloudflares CF-Connecting-IP HTTP request header into Plug.Conn’s remote_ip field.
  • plug_forward_peer - Very simple plug which reads X-Forwarded-For or Forwarded header according to RFC7239 and fill conn.remote_ip with the root client ip.
  • plug_fprof - A Plug that adds fprof tracing to requests, to allow for easy profiling.
  • plug_graphql - Phoenix Plug integration for GraphQL Elixir.
  • plug_heartbeat - A plug for responding to heartbeat requests.
  • plug_jwt - Plug for JWT authentication.
  • plug_rails_cookie_session_store - Rails compatible Plug session store.
  • plug_redirect_https - Plug to redirect http requests to https requests behind a reverse proxy.
  • plug_require_header - Require and extract HTTP headers and handle missing ones.
  • plug_response_header - easy manipulation of HTTP response headers.
  • plug_ribbon - Injects a ribbon to your web application in the development environment.
  • plug_secex - Plug that adds various HTTP Headers to make Phoenix/Elixir app more secure.
  • plug_session_memcached - A very simple memcached session store for Elixir’s plug.
  • plug_sigaws - AWS Signature V4 authentication protection for Phoenix/Plug Routes (Docs).
  • plug_statsd - A plug for automatically sending timing and count metrics to statsd.
  • plugs - Collection of Plug middleware for web applications.
  • plugsnag - Bugsnag notifier for Elixir’s plug.
  • raygun - Capture bugs and send them to Raygun.
  • react_phoenix - Render React.js components in Phoenix views focusing on easy installation and Brunch compatibility.
  • resin - Resin is a plug that will add a configurable delay to every request that’s passing through it, unless run in production.
  • revision_plate_ex - Plug application and middleware that serves endpoint returns application’s REVISION.
  • rummage_ecto - A configurable framework to search, sort and paginate Ecto Queries.
  • rummage_phoenix - A support framework for searching, sorting and paginating models in Phoenix, with HTML support.
  • scaffold - A mix task for creating new projects based on templates fetched from a Git-repo.
  • scrivener - Paginate your Ecto queries.
  • scrivener_headers - Helpers for paginating API responses with Scrivener and HTTP headers.
  • scrivener_html - Helpers built to work with Scrivener’s page struct to easily build HTML output for various CSS frameworks.
  • sentinel - An authentication framework for Phoenix extending guardian with routing and other basic functionality.
  • trailing_format_plug - An Elixir plug to support legacy APIs that use a rails-like trailing format.
  • webassembly - Web DSL for Elixir.
  • weebo - An XML-RPC parser/formatter for Elixir, with full support for datatype mapping.


Web development frameworks.

  • exelli - An Elli Elixir wrapper with some sugar syntax goodies.
  • kitto - A framework for interactive dashboards.
  • phoenix - Elixir Web Framework targeting full-featured, fault tolerant applications with realtime functionality.
  • placid - A REST toolkit for building highly-scalable and fault-tolerant HTTP APIs with Elixir.
  • rackla - API Gateways in Elixir.
  • relax - Simple Elixir implementation of a server.
  • rest - Micro-REST framework with typed JSON.
  • sugar - Modular web framework for Elixir.
  • trot - An Elixir web micro-framework.


Libraries for and implementations of games.

  • entice - A distributed Entity-Component-System framework, providing its own example MMORPG server.
  • mines - A minesweeper clone in the terminal.


Libraries for geocoding addresses and working with latitudes and longitudes.

  • distance_api_matrix - Provide distance and heading calculations via Google distance matrix api.
  • geo - A collection of GIS functions for Elixir.
  • geocalc - Calculate distance, bearing and more between latitude/longitude points.
  • geohash - Geohash encode/decode library.
  • geohax - Geohash encoding and decoding with neighbors finder.
  • geoip - Find geolocation for a given IP, hostname or Plug.Conn.
  • geolix - MaxMind GeoIP2 database reader/decoder.
  • geonames - A simple Elixir wrapper around the GeoNames API.
  • ip2location - An Elixir library for IP2Location database.
  • ipgeobase - Find Russian and Ukraine city by IP address and find country for other country.
  • proj - Elixir coordinate conversion library using OSGeo’s PROJ.4.
  • segseg - Segment-segment intersection classifier and calculator.
  • topo - A Geometry library for Elixir that calculates spatial relationships between two geometries.


Hardware related things like I/O interfaces and such.

  • elixir_ale - Elixir access to hardware I/O interfaces such as GPIO, I2C, and SPI.
  • nerves - Framework for building firmware for platforms like Raspberry Pi and BeagleBone Black.


Libraries for working with HTTP and scraping websites.

  • bolt - Simple and fast http proxy.
  • cauldron - An HTTP/SPDY server as a library.
  • elli - Elli is a webserver you can run inside your Erlang application to expose an HTTP API.
  • explode - An easy utility for responding with standard HTTP/JSON error payloads in Plug- and Phoenix-based applications.
  • exvcr - HTTP request/response recording library for Elixir, inspired by VCR.
  • fuzzyurl - An Elixir library for parsing, constructing, and wildcard-matching URLs. Also available for Ruby and JavaScript.
  • hackney - Simple HTTP client written in Erlang.
  • http - HTTP server for Elixir.
  • http_digex - A module to create basic digest HTTP auth header.
  • http_proxy - Multi port HTTP Proxy.
  • httpoison - Yet Another HTTP client for Elixir powered by hackney.
  • httpotion - Fancy HTTP client for Elixir, based on ibrowse.
  • ivar - A lightweight wrapper around HTTPoison that provides a fluent and composable way to build http requests.
  • lhttpc - A lightweight HTTP/1.1 client implemented in Erlang.
  • mnemonic_slugs - A memorable, mnemonic slug generator in Elixir.
  • mochiweb - MochiWeb is an Erlang library for building lightweight HTTP servers.
  • neuron - A GraphQL client for Elixir.
  • plug_wait1 - Plug adapter for the wait1 protocol.
  • river - An HTTP/2 client that is lightweight and lightning fast.
  • scrape - Scrape any website, article or RSS/Atom Feed with ease.
  • spell - Spell is a Web Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP) client implementation in Elixir.
  • tesla - HTTP client library, with support for middleware and multiple adapters.
  • Tube - Pure Elixir WebSocket client library.
  • uri_query - URI encode nested GET parameters and array values in Elixir.
  • uri_template - RFC6570 compliant URI template processor for Elixir.
  • web_socket - An exploration into a stand-alone library for Plug applications to easily adopt WebSockets.
  • webdriver - This is an implementation of the WebDriver protocol client. It currently supports PhantomJS, FireFox, ChromeDriver and remote webdriver servers (e.g. Selenium).
  • yuri - Simple struct for representing URIs.


Libraries for working with and manipulating images. * alchemic_avatar - Elixir library for generating letter avatar from string. * artifact - File upload and on-the-fly processing for Elixir. * bump - A BMP file writer in pure Elixir. * chunky_svg - A library for drawing things with SVG. * cloudex - Cloudex is an Elixir library that can upload image files or urls to Cloudinary. * [eikon](https://githu

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