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Server composer for hapi.js

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Lead Maintainer - Chris Rempel

A server composer for hapi.js.

Glue provides configuration based composition of hapi's Server object. Specifically it wraps

  • server = new Hapi.Server(Options)
  • one or more server.connection(Options)
  • zero or more server.register(Plugin, Options)

calling each based on the configuration generated from the Glue manifest.


Glue's API is a single function compose accepting a JSON manifest file specifying the hapi server options, connections, and registrations.

hapi version dependency

Glue can support different versions of hapi. Adding support for a new version of hapi is considered a minor change. Removing support for a version of hapi is considered a major change.

By default NPM will resolve Glue's dependency on hapi using the most recent supported version of hapi. To force a specific supported hapi version for your project, include hapi in your package dependencies along side of Glue.

Glue currently supports hapi 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15.

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