A golang package to authorize with and access the complete xrel.to API.

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xREL API Package


A golang package to authorize with and access the complete xrel.to API.

Import this way:

import github.com/hashworks/go-xREL-API/xrel

All methods may return a types.Error struct, which implements the normal error type. Additional to the Error() function this struct contains the variables Type and Code. Errors with type api are xREL.to errors, for all other types and error codes see the xrel/types/errors.go file.

To use this in your code try to cast it:

err := xrel.SomeMethod()
if eErr, ok := err.(*types.Error); ok {
    // Is of type types.Error, you can use the variables
} else {
    // Is normal error

If you use the OAuth authentication make sure to save the Config variable somewhere and set it again on your next run. Here is an example how to use the OAuth2 authentication:

xrel.ConfigureOAuth2("OAUTH2_CLIENT_KEY", "OAUTH2_CLIENT_SECRET", "", []string{"viewnfo", "addproof"})

fmt.Println("(1) Go to: " + xrel.GetOAuth2AuthURL(""))
fmt.Println("(2) Grant access, you should get back a verification code.")
fmt.Print("(3) Enter that verification code here: ")
verificationCode := ""

err := xrel.PerformOAuth2UserAuthentication(verificationCode)

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