Unity client for Nakama server.

Nakama Unity

Unity client for Nakama server.

Nakama is an open-source distributed server for social and realtime games. For more information have a look at the server documentation; and for a quick list of build targets run gradle tasks.

The client guide is available on the server documentation. The client reference documentation is deployed on gh-pages.

If you encounter any issues with the server you can generate diagnostics for us with nakama doctor. Send these to [email protected] or open an issue. If you experience any issues with the client, it can be useful to enable trace (.Trace(true)) to produce logs and open an issue.

### Start client

You can download the client directly from the Asset Store.

Have a look at the quickstart guide for a full introduction on how to get started with the client in development and/or production.

To create a client and connect to the Nakama server with the default settings:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using Nakama;

public class NewBehaviourScript : MonoBehaviour {
  void Start() {
    INClient client = NClient.Default("defaultkey");

  void Update() {


To build the codebase you will need to install these dependencies:

  • unity The Unity editor/compiler toolchain.
  • gradle A JVM-based build tool.
  • protobuf A toolchain used to create custom protocols.
  • doxygen A tool for generating documentation from annotated source.

You can then install code dependencies:

$> gradle nugetRestore

For development use the compile and test run cycle:

$> gradle nunit

To package a release use:

$> gradle unityPackage


The generated documentation theme is based on the work of @Velron.

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Unity client for Nakama server. ...