IRC bot for Hy

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IRC bot for Hy. Has following capabiltiy for now

  1. Can get issue details from github
  2. Can get commit details from github
  3. Prints core members of hylang
  4. evaluates hycode


Listing Core Team

list core team members

Bot only finds members and core team word in the message.

Github issue details



The input should be in form project/repo#issue_number, in this case bot doesn't check if line begins with ,. Similary Github commit can be accessed

[email protected]

hylang/[email protected]

In both cases project and repo is not mandatory, if not given then bot gets details for hylang/hy repository.


  • [x] Code can not handle referencing function defined in the same line
  • [x] Write a new driver and remove hygdrop/__init__.hy
  • [x] Integrate spy mode to dump python code
  • [x] Pastebin the looong lines and give the pastebin link to IRC
  • [x] Move second level exception messages from stderr to IRC
  • [ ] Port command.clj from Cjoey to command.hy
  • [ ] Implement private message handling by bot

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