A pidgin plugin that automatically insert prompt into status based on ip information

3 years after


autostatus is using CMake build system, so after extract the tarball, go to the directory, then run

cmake . make install

sometimes you need root privilege to install the plugin.

if you wish to install the plugin other than "/usr/local/", you can use cmake to configure, like this,


after install the plugin, you may need to manually set up the rules in configuration file. the default configuration file is ./autostatus.config, you can simply copy it to pidgin configuration directory.

the configuration file format is very restricted, so, please follow the following format:

${ip address 0}/${netmask 0} ${prompt 0} ${ip address 1}/${netmask 1} ${prompt 1} ${ip address 2}/${netmask 2} ${prompt 2}

there shouldnt be any space/empty line before, after or between.