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General discussion and documentation on community practices


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General discussion and documentation on community practices

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The IPFS community is growing, and already has many resources. We ought to maintain them, build more, and improve all the things.

This repository is for meta, non-code discussions (in the issues) and for documents used by multiple repositories, such as the various Contributing guidelines. Our goals here are to work on resources that help us with:

  1. Building and Maintaining Community Infrastructure

    1. Public Gateways
    2. Testing + CI Services
    3. IRC Bots
    4. Websites
    5. Comm Channels
  2. Improving documentation of the various projects

    1. Docs on the repos
    2. Docs on the websites
    3. Examples
    4. Demos
  3. Making it easy to jump in and participate

    1. Improving documentation for users
    2. Improving issues for collaborators
  4. Keeping the Community Informed and Engaged

    1. IRC -
    2. Blog
    3. Twitter - @IPFSbot
    4. Mailing List - [email protected]
    5. People List


These are the list of community meetups by area,organized by the IPFS developers and enthusiasts. Everyone is welcome to participate in their local meetup or be the ones organizing one.








San Francisco



We have a community Google Calendar you can watch for events and sync to. We will add relevant events concerning IPFS to it, both with geographical and interplanetary (online) locations.

If you know of an event that has a set date and location and is not listed on the calendar, please open an issue on this repository requesting that it be added to the calendar, or ping @RichardLitt on IRC or on twitter and he’ll add it for you.


We have stickers. We’ll send them to you; drop your address in this thread. We’re also working on more swag. Subscribe to stay updated!


IPFS is an open source project with an open community. This list includes some of the contributors who make it all happen. Add your name in a PR! (Please keep this list sorted ordered by first name)

Name Github Twitter IRC
Christian Couder @chriscool @ChristianCouder chriscool
David Dias @diasdavid @daviddias daviddias
Dylan Powers @dylanPowers @dylankpowers dpow
Friedel Ziegelmayer @dignifiedquire @dignifiedquire dignifiedquire
Harlan T Wood @harlantwood @harlantwood
Henry Bubert @cryptix @oObsi cryptix
Jakub Sztandera @Kubuxu @Kubuxu Kubuxu
Jeromy Johnson @whyrusleeping @whyrusleeping whyrusleeping
Juan Benet @jbenet @juanbenet jbenet
Lars Gierth @lgierth lgierth
Matt Bell @mappum @mappum mappum
Richard Littauer @RichardLitt @richlitt richardlitt
Victor Bjelkholm @VictorBjelkholm @victorbjelkholm victorbjelkholm

Events calendar

This is our community events calendar, where we log past and future events like talks, workshops, hackathons and so on, where IPFS is present.

Name Location Date Link
Container Camp London - Barbican Center September 11, 2015
Chaos Communication Congress Hamburg - CCH December 27 - 30, 2015
Berlin IPFS Meetup #1 Berlin - c-base August 27, 2015
Chaos Communication Camp Zehdenick - Ziegeleipark August 13 - 17, 2015
Seattle IPFS Meetup #1 Seattle - Surf Incubator July 23, 2015 meetup
Portland IPFS Meetup #1 Portland - ctrlH HackerSpace July 22, 2015 attending
Data Terra Nemo 2015 Berlin May 23-24, 2015 dtn
FluentConf 2015 San Francisco April 22, 2015 fluent


Feel free to join in! All welcome. Your best to start is probably either in or in the issues.

This repository falls under the IPFS Code of Conduct.

Want to hack on IPFS?


MIT © Protocol Labs, Inc.

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