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Laravel GAMP: Google Analytics Measurement Protocol Package for Laravel 5 & Lumen 5. Send data to Google Analytics from Laravel/Lumen. Supports all GA Measurement Protocol API methods.

Laravel GAMP

Quick start

If you’re on Laravel 4.2 or on 5.0 with PHP 5.4 & above, Please use 0.5 branch. Otherwise, Just follow the below instructions.

Supported Laravel/Lumen Versions: 5.1 & 5.2


Step 1: Install Through Composer

You can either add the package directly by firing this command

$ composer require irazasyed/laravel-gamp

Or add in the require key of composer.json file manually

"irazasyed/laravel-gamp": "^1.0"

And Run the Composer update command

$ composer update

Step 2: Add the Service Provider


Open config/app.php and, to your “providers” array at the bottom, add:


Open bootstrap/app.php and add register the service provider by adding:


Step 3: Add Facade (Optional) (Laravel Only)

Optionally add an alias to make it easier to use the library. Open config/app.php and, to your “aliases” array at the bottom, add:

'GAMP'  => Irazasyed\LaravelGAMP\Facades\GAMP::class

Step 4: Publish Config (Laravel Only)

Open your terminal window and fire the following command to publish config file to your config directory:

$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Irazasyed\LaravelGAMP\LaravelGAMPServiceProvider"


$ php artisan vendor:publish

The former command publishes config file for just this package and the latter publishes vendor files for other packages too. Depending on what you want to do, you can use any (Doesn’t really matter).


Open config file config/gamp.php and set the tracking_id with your Google Analytics tracking / web property ID. Refer the config file for other default configuration settings.

This Package adds Laravel Support to GA Measurement Protocol PHP Library by THE ICONIC. It’s simply a wrapper around the library with default config for easier usage with Laravel. So all the methods listed here are available and will work seamlessly.

Example Usage

Send a Page view hit:

use Irazasyed\LaravelGAMP\Facades\GAMP;

$gamp = GAMP::setClientId( '123456' );
$gamp->setDocumentPath( '/page' );

Send an Event:

use Irazasyed\LaravelGAMP\Facades\GAMP;

$gamp = GAMP::setClientId( '123456' );
$gamp->setEventCategory('Blog Post')
->setEventLabel('Using GAMP In Laravel')

Config Overview

Open the config file for detailed comments for each option.

Set your Google Analytics Tracking / Web Property ID in tracking_id key [REQUIRED]

'tracking_id' => 'UA-XXXX-Y',

All other configuration options are optional, use as per your requirements.

To send data over SSL, set is_ssl to true.

'is_ssl' => true,

To Anonymize IP, set anonymize_ip to true.

'anonymize_ip' => true,

To Make Async Requests, set async_requests to true.

'async_requests'  => true,

Refer the library’s documentation for other remaining methods and examples, they all work.

Note: You don’t have to use the protocol version, tracking id, anonymize ip and async request (non-blocking) methods from the original library as they’re automatically set in Service Provider when the package is initialized based on the config file. As long as you update the config file with correct settings, it should work just fine.

Additional information

Any issues, please report here



MIT © Syed Irfaq R.

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