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A curated list of useful Elm tutorials, libraries and software. Inspired by awesome list. Feel free to contribute. :rocket:

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Awesome Elm

A community driven list of useful Elm tutorials, libraries and software.

Inspired by the awesome list thing. Feel free to improve this list.

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Some good apps written in Elm.

  • Official list - Examples from basic to big-project in official website.
  • Builtwithelm - Web site built with elm with list of projects and apps built with Elm.
  • Elm Joust — a two-player fighting game written in Elm.
  • Tetris — A Tetris game for the web browser written in Elm.
  • Vessel - A "tunnel" game written in Elm!
  • Sliding Puzzle - Configurable sliding puzzle game written in Elm.
  • TodoMVC - Proper implementation of the TodoMVC app.
  • TodoMVC with JSON API - Bare-bones, modular, heavily-documented todo app with JSON API persistence.
  • TodoMVC/Firebase - Fork of TodoMVC demonstrating start-app, The Elm Architecture and Firebase as backend.
  • \<elm-ement> – Minimal example of a custom element.
  • Elm Playground - Tiny Elm projects implemented for the sake of learning by example.
  • TodoMVC in Electron - Documented and tested implementation of the Elm TodoMVC app in Electron.
  • Gipher - A Tinder-like application for gifs built with elm and firebase!
  • Elm Architecture in Android - An example Android application implemented with the Elm Architecture using the Kotlin programming language and Anko library.
  • Collection of examples - A collection of examples with advanced techniques for real-world Elm apps.
  • Elm Flatris - A Flatris clone in Elm language v0.18.
  • Elm + Phoenix + Webpack - A minimal Elm + Phoenix setup, using webpack instead of Brunch.
  • Elm SPA Example - Full stack Elm app w/ CRUD operations, Auth, routing, pagination and more. Code / Article

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Learn what this awesome thing is.

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Read the essentials. Check the official Elm blog:

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Watch great talks about Elm

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Listen to podcasts about Elm

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Useful helpers to build apps.

  • core - Elm Core Libraries.
  • html - Use HTML in Elm, based on the idea of a "virtual DOM".
  • elm-test - A unit testing framework for Elm.
  • elm-router - Easy routing in Elm.
  • http - Make HTTP requests in Elm.
  • elm-http-builder - Build and handle JSON requests more naturally than with low-level elm-http.
  • elm-console - Elm library to read and write to the console in Node.
  • lazy - Lazy Evaluation in Elm.
  • elm-ui - UI Library in Elm.
  • elm-mdl - Material Design component library in Elm. With demo.
  • elmfire - Use Firebase as backend. For higher level API: elmfire-extra.
  • elm-bootstrap - Comprehensive Bootstrap 4 library for Elm. Docs site.

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Tools around Elm platform.

  • elm-compiler - Compiler for the Elm programming language.
  • elm-make - A build tool for Elm projects.
  • elm-reactor - Interactive development tool that makes it easy to develop and debug Elm programs.
  • elm-live - A flexible dev server for Elm. Live reload included!
  • elm-repl - A REPL for Elm.
  • elm-package - CLI to share Elm libraries.
  • elm-init - Interactive setup for new Elm projects.
  • elm-new - Generate initial project scaffolding based on a template.
  • elm-format - Automatic Elm code formatter adhering to Elm Style Guide.
  • grunt-elm - Grunt plugin that compiles Elm files to JavaScript.
  • elm-webpack-loader - Webpack loader for the Elm programming language.
  • servelm - A project enabling server-side use of Elm.
  • elm-oracle - Query for information about values in elm source files. Used by most editor plugins.
  • create-elm-app - Create Elm apps with no build configuration.
  • html-to-elm - Convert HTML to Elm Html. Useful when porting an app to Elm.
  • elm-instant - atom package to try your elm code from the editor. Provides a visual REPL and a preview pane.

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Editor plugins

Tools to support Elm in code editors.

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Package managers

Place to share Elm libraries.

  • elm-package - Command line tool to share Elm libraries.

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Good starting point for a new Elm project.

  • elm-webpack-starter - A simple Webpack setup for writing Elm apps.
  • elm-app-boilerplate - A fully-featured base project for Elm apps: Webpack, HMR, ES6, JS and Elm tests, Semantic UI, sample code and more.
  • elmkit - A lightweight Brunch based setup for web app. Includes Brunch, Hot Module Replacement, Elm, Scss, Elm tests.

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Everything that you need to see.

  • Elm Search - Search Elm documentation for operators, function signatures, etc.
  • Try Elm - Write and compile elm code online!
  • 404 Elm Street - A fun WebGL game built with Elm.
  • Debug Elm - Debug elm code online.
  • Haskell to Elm - Collection of examples on places where Elm is different to Haskell, targetted at Elm beginners coming from Haskell backgrounds.
  • - A place to share and run Elm code.
  • Ellie - The Elm Live Editor
  • Online REPL - The ELM Online REPL

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Where to find help.

  • Mailing list - Google discussion group.
  • Reddit - Elm board on reddit.
  • IRC - Ask questions on elm freenode.
  • Slack - Elm slack community.

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Who to follow

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Official Elm Evan Czaplicki Richard Feldman Noah Hall Elm Weekly

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More awesome

Discover other amazingly awesome lists.

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