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Towards mastery of Apache Spark 2.0


== GitHub Flavored writing flow

=== AsciiDoc

For the first time I’m using[AsciiDoc] to write a doc that is ultimately supposed to become the book about Apache Spark.

=== GitHub for pull requests and tasks

While on writing route, I’m also aiming at mastering the git(hub) flow to write the book as described in[Living the Future of Technical Writing] (with pull requests for chapters, action items to show progress of each branch and such).

The branching and task progress features embrace the concept of working on a branch per chapter and using pull requests with[GitHub Flavored Markdown] for Task Lists. Once the tasks are defined, GitHub shows progress of a pull request with number of tasks completed and progress bar.

.Pull request with 4 tasks of which 1 is completed image::images/spark-pull-request-tasks-progress.png[]

=== Atom editor I couldn’t be me if I didn’t use[Atom editor] with[Asciidoc preview] installed.

It’s all to make things harder…ekhm…reach higher levels of writing zen.

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Towards mastery of Apache Spark 2.0 ...

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