GitHub Mobile

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Github Mobile

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What should I know?

  • I've only worked on it a single day, obviously it's not released yet, just want to clarify right away
  • Uses GitHub's V3 API
  • Stores Access Token from OAuth with Local Storage, giving this webapp persistance
  • Read + Write (at least what can be written while mobile, stars, followers, issues, etc)

What are you going to do?

  • The entire GitHub Dashboard
  • Users + relations, and ability to follow/unfollow
  • Repos, ability to star, fork, submit issues
  • Issues, Create, Discuss, Close
  • Modify Account
  • Notifications (no intent for native alerts at the moment)
  • Search Search Search

When all is said and done, instead of uploading this to Apples App store, I will release it on... Bitbucket!

Just kidding, It will be open sourced on GitHub under the MIT license. The current GitHub clients in the App Store all look like crap and are not free. What the fuck?

Resource List

And for the screens:

Changelog: What has been done?


  • Incorporated FastClick, feels almost native!
  • Updated Shelf contents and animations
  • Finally reworking the back button. I will provide an extensive writeup about the pitfalls and challenges I have faced while developing this mobile app with Ratchet.
  • Fixed issues of translate3d giving me hell if elements position is set to fixed


  • Created initial backpane design
  • Logout/session destroying
  • Began initial stages for search setup
  • Redesigning Issues to look less like the GitHub Issues app and more like this app itself


  • Took a hiatus this day. Coming back fresh ensures this project continues at an awesome rate.


Notes for 1-13-2013

I am concerned about a few major flaws in the application. Push.js from Ratchet is really annoying, but necessary, it is just a pain in the ass to extend, the flow of the app is weak. Will do an overhaul of that once everything is set in place.


  • Local Storage caching, blazing fast
  • "Shake to Clear Cache" feature
  • Began single repo screen
  • Tightened some UI


  • Created Starred List
  • Created User Activities List
  • Created Repository List
  • Tweaked Profile design
  • Star/Unstar functionality
  • Updates to Push.js, might be the only js used from Ratchet


  • Tightened up authentification on later calls to the GitHub API
  • Created Profiles
  • Profiles include the shiny new Contributions Graph that can be scrolled horizantally
  • Follow/Unfollow Functionality
  • Modal Implementation


  • Initial Issues list
  • Starred Repos List
  • Created Sexy GitHub-like Modals
  • Started User Profiles
  • Updated Event bindings


  • Consolidation, organization, gettin this mofo off the ground
  • Login Screen synchronizes access token between local storage and session storage for ease of access
  • Complete OAuth flow within a webapp (never navigates to Mobile Safari)
  • First poll of actual News Feed (If anyone could answer my question at the very bottom, I'd appreciate it!)

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