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 This repo is a collection of awesome Mac applications and tools for developers and designers.

Awesome Mac

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 This repo is a collection of AWESOME Mac applications and tools for developers and designers. Feel free to Star and Fork. Any comments, suggestions? Let us know. we love PRs :), please follow the awesome format.


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![Open-Source Software][OSS Icon] means open source, click to enter open source repo;
![Freeware][Freeware Icon] means free to use, or free personal license;
![hot][hot Icon] means hot app;
![tuijian][tuijian Icon] means recommended app;
![must-have][bibei Icon] means must have app;
![App Store][app-store Icon] means App store hyperlink;
![1 star][red Icon] means highly recommended, must-have app. The number of stars represents how strongly I recommend it;

You may come across some non-English characters. Those apps don’t have an English version yet, so you might want steer clear of them.


Editors and IDE

applications to edit text, I suggest the open-source editors

Text Editors

  • Atom - A hackable text editor for the 21st century made by GitHub.Atom Plugins. ![star 4][star4 Icon] ![Open-Source Software][OSS Icon] ![Freeware][Freeware Icon] ![hot][hot Icon] ![tuijian][tuijian Icon] ![must-have][bibei Icon]
  • Sublime Text - A sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose. You’ll love the slick user interface, extraordinary features and amazing performance, Sublime Text Plugins. ![hot][hot Icon] ![tuijian][tuijian Icon] ![must-have][bibei Icon]
  • Brackets - A modern, open-source text editor that understands web design by Adobe. ![Open-Source Software][OSS Icon] ![Freeware][Freeware Icon]
  • Espresso - The web editor for Mac is back. For people who make delightful, innovative and fast websites.
  • Visual Studio Code - Microsoft’s free & open-source editor, TypeScript friendly. ![Open-Source Software][OSS Icon] ![Freeware][Freeware Icon] ![hot][hot Icon]
  • Emacs - A popular text editor used mainly on Unix-based systems by programmers, scientists, engineers, students, and system administrators.
  • LightTable - The next generation code editor. ![Open-Source Software][OSS Icon] ![Freeware][Freeware Icon]
  • TextMate - An editor that brings Apple’s approach to operating systems into the world of text editors. ![Freeware][Freeware Icon]
  • BBEdit - The leading professional HTML and text editor for Macintosh.
  • Vim - A highly configurable text editor built to make creating and changing any kind of text very efficient. ![Freeware][Freeware Icon] ![hot][hot Icon]
  • Vimr - Refined Vim Experience for OS X. ![Open-Source Software][OSS Icon] ![Freeware][Freeware Icon]
  • HBuilder - An IDE for web development (Support HTML5), built by DCloud. (Missing English UI and Docs) ![Freeware][Freeware Icon] ![hot][hot Icon]
  • Tincta - A text editor for Mac OS X. ![Freeware][Freeware Icon]
  • CotEditor - Lightweight plain-text editor for macOS. ![Open-Source Software][OSS Icon] ![Freeware][Freeware Icon]
  • Chocolat Native text editor.


  • Xcode - The essential IDE for iOS/macOS development. ![must-have][bibei Icon] ![App Store][app-store Icon]
  • IntelliJ IDEA - A powerful Java IDE. (Free for Students) ![hot][hot Icon] ![tuijian][tuijian Icon]
  • Coda2 - A fast, clean and powerful text editor.
  • Eclipse - Popular open-source IDE, mainly for Java but with plugin support for a wide array of languages and platforms. ![Open-Source Software][OSS Icon] ![Freeware][Freeware Icon] ![hot][hot Icon]
  • WebStorm - The smartest JavaScript IDE by JetBrains. FREE for Students, check here for more info. ![hot][hot Icon] ![tuijian][tuijian Icon]
    • NodeJS - Node.js integration. You definitely need this, quite a few features require it.
    • EditorConfig - A JetBrains IDE plugin supporting the EditorConfig standard.
    • Material Theme UI - Provides 3 modes, nice and clean.
  • Deco IDE - The best IDE for building React Native apps. ![Open-Source Software][OSS Icon] ![Freeware][Freeware Icon] ![hot][hot Icon] ![tuijian][tuijian Icon]
  • Xamarin Studio - Free cross platform C# IDE. Xamarin Studio supports iOS, Android and .Net development ![Open-Source Software][OSS Icon] ![Freeware][Freeware Icon]
  • NetBeans IDE - A free and open-source IDE, mainly used for Java development, but supports many other languages and frameworks. ![Open-Source Software][OSS Icon] ![Freeware][Freeware Icon]
  • Android Studio - The official IDE for Android, based on Intellij IDEA. ![Open-Source Software][OSS Icon] ![Freeware][Freeware Icon]

Development Tools

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