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Simple script to run and pyflakes on a git/svn repo.

Runs pyflakes, on your Python files. Runs jshint on your Javascript and a trailing whitespace checker on all the rest. Keeps anal-retentive style nazis like me happy, and should (in theory) make your code look nicer.

How to use it

This will run checks on any added or modified files according to your vcs’s status command (git or svn at the moment). tests/

This will run checks on and any files found recursively in the tests/ directory.


Best installed with pip or easy_install so you also get the pyflakes dependency.

The easiest way to get jshint installed is via npm:

npm install -g jshint

Use as a git pre-commit hook

This is useful as a git pre-commit hook. For example, this would go in your .git/hooks/pre-commit script:

if [ "$?" -ne "0" ]
    echo "Aborting commit.  Fix above errors or do 'git commit --no-verify'."
    exit 1

Make sure your pre-commit file is executable and that are on your PATH.

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