AngularFire 2 Seed for Static Showdown

This project has everything needed to get started building an Angular 2 app with Firebase.

This is a fork of the popular angular2-seed by @mgechev and other contributors. Refer to that repository for more advanced topics.


This project uses several projects that are in beta or alpha (Angular 2 beta, AngularFire2 Alpha, RxJS 5 beta). Only those with a taste for adventure and maybe a few bugs should proceed.

If you run into issues, feel free to tweet at @jeffbcross for help, or look for Jeff Cross on the Static Showdown Slack.

How to start

Note that this seed project requires node v4.x.x or higher and npm 2.14.7.

In order to start the seed app use:

git clone --depth 1
cd angularfire2-seed
# install the project's dependencies
npm install
# watches your files and uses livereload by default
npm start

Create a Component

To create a new Angular Route and Component:

  • copy the src/about directory to something like: src/my-friends.
  • Rename the html and TypeScript files inside src/my-friends/components:
    • Rename src/my-friends/components/about.ts to src/my-friends/components/my-friends.ts
    • Rename src/my-friends/components/about.html to src/my-friends/components/my-friends.html.
  • Replace the contents of my-friends.html with: <div>Best Friend: {{bestFriend}}</div>
  • Replace the contents of my-friends.ts with:
import {Component} from 'angular2/core';

  selector: 'my-friends',
  templateUrl: './my-friends.html'
export class MyFriends {
  bestFriend: string = 'Jeff Cross';
  • Then to make the component routable from the root of the application, edit src/app/components/app.ts as follows:

    • Import MyFriends component: typescript import {HomeCmp} from '../../home/components/home'; import {AboutCmp} from '../../about/components/about'; import {MyFriends} from '../../my-friends/components/my-friends';

    • Add a RouteConfig entry for my-friends:

      { path: '/', component: HomeCmp, name: 'Home' },
      { path: '/about', component: AboutCmp, name: 'About' },
      { path: '/my-friends', component: MyFriends, name: 'MyFriends'}
    • Add a link to the route in the app template in src/app/components/app.html:

      <a [routerLink]="['/Home']">Home</a>
      <a [routerLink]="['/About']">About</a>
      <a [routerLink]="['/MyFriends']">My Friends</a>
    • Open the app and click “My Friends”!

Deploy to Firebase Hosting

Setup Firebase (if a Firebase does not yet already exist for this app)

  1. Set up a Firebase at
  2. From click “Set up hosting” for the Firebase and follow the steps.
  3. Edit firebase.json in this project, set the firebase field to your subdomain.
npm install -g firebase-tools
npm run
firebase deploy

Then visit