Laravel Live Templates for IntelliJ and PhpStorm


Laravel Live Templates for IntelliJ and PhpStorm.

I built these templates to save some time at work and I am providing them here for anyone else to use or expand on. When I was searching for IntelliJ live templates for Laravel I wasn’t able to find any so I thought I would create some.

To start off I’ve kept it real simple and I’m concentrating on building live templates for code that I seem to be typing all the time. I have deliberately avoided creating boilerplate for creating models/controllers etc as I see no reason to duplicate anything that can be done using the excellent laravel-4-generators artisan package by Jeffery Way.

Please feel free to fork this repo, add to it then submit pull requests, I would love to expand it over time to become more useful.


To install the Laravel live templates all you need to do is copy Laravel.xml and Envoy.xml files to your IntelliJ/PhpStorm templates directory as defined below:


  • Windows <User home>\.IntelliJIdea13\config\templates
  • Linux ~/.IntelliJIdea13/config/templates
  • Mac OS ~/Library/Preferences/IntelliJIdea13/templates

PhpStorm 7

  • Windows <User home>\.WebIde70\config\templates
  • Linux ~/.WebIde70/config/templates
  • Mac OS ~/Library/Preferences/WebIde70/templates

Linux/OSX Handy Tip: If you checkout the repo to a local directory you can then create a symlink from your IntelliJ template directory to the Laravel.xml file. Then you can use Git to update from the repo and not have to keep copying the files.


All templates are set up to use the tab key to fire them. Simply type the codes below and press tab to expand them. Some the templates have configured insertion points, simply press tab to move between them.


The following live templates are in the Laravel.xml file.


  • c::a Cache::add()
  • c::d Cache::decrement()
  • c::fe Cache::forever()
  • c::fg Cache::forget()
  • c::g Cache::get()
  • c::h Cache::has()
  • c::i Cache::increment()
  • c::p Cache::put()


  • h::c Hash::check()
  • h::m Hash::make()


  • r::a Route::any()
  • r::b Route::bind()
  • r::g Route::get()
  • r::m Route::model()
  • r::p Route::post()
  • r::r Route::resource()


  • v::m View::make()


The Laravel Envoy live templates are in the Envoy.xml file.

  • @a After
  • @h HipChat
  • @m Macro
  • @s Servers
  • @t Task


As previously mentioned feel free to fork, update and submit pull requests. If you would like me to add particular expansions drop me a tweet @johnblackmore

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