CLI to grab your courses and add them to Google Calendar

2 years after

uOttawa Calendar Generator

Automatically grabs your uOttawa schedule of your current and/or following semesters and populates your google calendar with your courses. Plus, lets you choose specific colours for lectures, DGDs/tutorials and Labs!

Works on all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux)!

Currently porting the app as a webapp (see here). In the meantime, use the CLI app!


  1. Install node.js - at least v4.4.4
    • This runs the CLI app, does the scraping and multiple requests to APIs
  2. Use git to download the repository or download it as a zip file and decompress it. Don't move the files relative to each other!
  3. When that's done, open your cmd or terminal and go to the root of the project. E.g. if you installed it at C:/Downloads/Project, that is the root of the project.
    • See this if you don't know how to change directories in the command-line
  4. Run npm install - this installs all the dependencies of the project.
  5. Run node run - this starts the app. Follow the steps, and your calendar should now be generated automatically :)