Multipage WordPress site for a camping supply company.

Inhabitent Camping Supply Co.



This is a multi-page website for a camping supply company. The objective for this project is to build a CMS site using WordPress.


  • Atom Text Editor
  • HTML5
  • Gulp
  • CSS3/Sass/SCSS
  • Responsive Web Design
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • jQuery
  • Command Line Interface
  • Git/Github

Learning Experience

This is the biggest project I ever worked on so far. I’ve built this theme from scratch using a starter theme. I’ve made WordPress sites before but this is the first time I made plugins or custom post types. I’ve created a Business Hours and Contact Info plugins which allows the users to set up their own opening hours and contact information. Once those are done, I’ve created customized Adventures and Shopping post types. My Sass skills were honed working on this project as there were a lot of it involved.

This project wasn’t originally designed to be responsive because of time constraints but I decided to challenge myself and add media queries in a separate “responsive” branch. This site looks good in mobile view.

As a camping fan, this is my favorite project so far and I’m very proud of it.