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Glue is a simple command line tool to generate CSS sprites

2 years after BSD-3-Clause


.. image:: :target:

.. image:: :target:

.. image:: :target:

.. image:: :target:

Glue is a simple command line tool to generate sprites::

$ glue source output


  • Automatic Sprite (Image + Metadata) creation including:

    • css (less, scss)
    • cocos2d
    • json (array, hash)
    • CAAT
  • Automatic multi-dpi retina <>_ sprite creation.

  • Support for multi-sprite projects.

  • Create sprites from multiple folders (recursively).

  • Multiple algorithms <>_ available.

  • Automatic crop of unnecessary transparent borders <>_ around source images.

  • Configurable paddings and margin per image, sprite or project <>_.

  • Watch option to keep glue running watching for file changes.

  • Project-, Sprite- and Image-level configuration via static config files.

  • Customizable output <>_ using jinja templates.

  • CSS: Optional .less/.scss output format.

  • CSS: Configurable cache busting for sprite images <>_.

  • CSS: Customizable class names <>_.

  • Python 2.6, 2.7 and 3.3+ supported.

  • Really well tested <>_.


Using the gorgeous famfamfam icons <>_ (4.2Mb) you will get the following icons.png (401Kb).

.. image::

And also an icons.css with all the necessary CSS classes for this sprite::

.sprite-icons-zoom_out{ background:url('icons.png'); top:0; left:0; no-repeat;}
.sprite-icons-zoom_in{ background:url('icons.png'); top:0; left:-16; no-repeat;}
.sprite-icons-zoom{ background:url('icons.png'); top:-16; left:0; no-repeat;}
.sprite-icons-xhtml_valid{ background:url('icons.png'); top:-16; left:-16; no-repeat;}

Do you want to know more? Visit the quickstart guide:


  • Fork the repository on GitHub to start making your changes to the master branch (or branch off of it).

  • Write a test which shows that the bug was fixed or that the feature works as expected.

    • Use python test
  • Send a pull request and bug the maintainer until it gets merged and published. :) Make sure to add yourself to AUTHORS.

Is your company using glue?

We are creating a list of companies using glue in production. If your company use glue, please send me <mailto:[email protected]> an email or send me a message to @jorgebastida <> . I would really appreciate it.

We need your help

There are several features that glue users would love to have... but they require a substancial amount of work and dedication, so we are looking for feature-sponsors! If you want to lead the development/testing of any of the following features, please contact Jorge Bastida <mailto:[email protected]>_.

Here you have some examples:

  • Windows support (I'm not a Windows user, glue needs somebody who care about how glue works on Windows and write down some installation instructions).
  • Cocos2d Format (Already exists, but we need somebody to give it some love).
  • New Formats (After 0.9, glue is ready to accept new output formats - If you want to create a new format, contact me).
  • Binary packaging for OSX and Windows (For some users it would be really cool if they were able to download an already packaged binary version).

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