Simple daemon to tunnel DNS requests over SOCKS


A simple dns proxy to tunnel DNS requests over a socks proxy (for example, over ssh or Tor). This can come in handy when setting up transparent proxies.

It chooses a random DNS server for each request from the file “resolv.conf” which is a newline delimited list of DNS servers.

The daemon must be run as root in order for it to bind to port 53.


Usage: ./dns-proxy [options]

With no parameters, the configuration file is read from ‘dns_proxy.conf’.

  • -n – No configuration file (socks:, listener:
  • -h – Print this message and exit.
  • config_file – Read from specified configuration file.


The configuration file should contain any of the following options (and ignores lines that begin with ‘#’):

  • socks_addr – socks listener address
  • socks_port – socks listener port
  • listen_addr – address for the dns proxy to listen on
  • listen_port – port for the dns proxy to listen on (most cases 53)
  • set_user – username to drop to after binding
  • set_group – group to drop to after binding
  • resolv_conf – location of resolv.conf file to read from
  • log_file – location to log to (should be /dev/null unless debugging).

Any non-specified options will be set to their defaults:

  • socks_addr =
  • socks_port = 9050
  • listen_addr =
  • listen_port = 53
  • set_user = nobody
  • set_group = nobody
  • resolv_conf = resolv.conf
  • log_file = /dev/null


On Arch linux, the dns proxy can be installed from the AUR at: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/tcpdnsproxy/.

wget https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/tc/tcpdnsproxy/PKGBUILD
sudo pacman -U tcpdnsproxy-20130128-1-any.pkg.tar.xz

# edit /etc/dns_proxy/dns_proxy.conf as necessary
sudo systemctl start tcpdnsproxy

# to autorun on put run:
sudo systemctl enable tcpdnsproxy

On other distributions:

git clone https://github.com/jtRIPper/dns-tcp-socks-proxy.git
cd dns-tcp-socks-proxy

# edit dns_proxy.conf as necessary

After running the daemon, the system should be configured to use the proxy automatically.


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