The Ruby community's gem hosting service.

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h1. gemcutter

Awesome RubyGem hosting.

h2. Purpose

  • Provide a better API for dealing with gems
  • Create more transparent and accessible project pages
  • Enable the community to improve and enhance the site

h2. Links

"Mailing List": "FAQ": IRC: #gemcutter on

h2. Contributions

Gemcutter has a 'commit-bit' policy, much like the Rubinius project. Submit a patch that is accepted, and you can get full commit access to the project. All you have to do is ask us on #gemcutter on Freenode or bug qrush in a message and he'll add you as a collaborator on the main repository. Feel free to fork the project though and have fun in your own sandbox.

Please read up on the "GitHub Wiki": for the latest contribution guidelines.

h2. Organization

Gemcutter consists of a few major parts:

  • Rails app: To manage users and allow others to view gems, etc.
  • Sinatra app (Hostess): the gem server, lives in @app/metal/[email protected]
  • RubyGem: The gemcutter client gem that interacts with the site, lives in @gem/@.
  • Gem processor: Handles incoming gems and storing them in S3 (production) or on the filesystem in @server/@ (development). Lives in @lib/[email protected], @lib/[email protected], @lib/[email protected]

h2. License

Gemcutter uses the MIT license. Please check the LICENSE file for more details.

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