Multiplatform Angular 2 project (Web, Mobile and Desktop) with a admin template (CoreUI) applied.

Angular(2) Seed CLI Admin (Template)

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Multiplatform Angular 2 project (Web, Mobile and Desktop) with a admin template (CoreUI) applied.

TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

Just want to see this running on browser and android (if have the emulator already configured)!

At shell/cmd run this (windows only):

> npm i -g angular-cli cordova typescript && git clone && cd angular-seed-cli-admin && npm i & start cmd.exe @cmd /k "npm run" & ping -n 30 > nul & (IF DEFINED ANDROID_HOME npm run & start cmd.exe @cmd /k "npm run cordova.livesync"
> ```

## Goal

Be the easiest, simplest, fastest and performative way to create a **Web/Hybrid Application** using Angular 2. [(PWA in future)](

> ### Secondary goal
> Try to reach the maximum performance possible in a hybrid mobile application using:
> - [x] [Crosswalk WebView](
> - [ ] [Angular 2 Ahead-Of-Time Compilation](
> - [x] [Angular 2 Lazy Loading Modules with PreloadAllModules Strategy](
> - [ ] [Progressive Web App _Features_]( - Applicability study [Angular 2 Mobile](
> - [x] Simple layout (without complex animations/effects) - [KISS](

## Features

- Multiplatform (Web, Mobile, Desktop) [Cordova](
- Layout out-of-box ([CoreUI]([Boostrap](
- [Authentication/Authorization (OpenID/OAuth2)](
- VSCode Integration ([Debugger for Chrome](, [Cordova Tools](
- Angular CLI project ([Generator commands](

## Technologies

- [Angular 2](
- [Angular CLI](
- [Cordova](
- [CoreUI](
- [Boostrap](
- [OpenID/OAuth2 Client](

## TODOs

- [x] Test Web
- [x] Test Browser (Cordova)
- [x] Test Windows (Cordova)
- [x] Test Android (Cordova)
- [ ] Test iOS (Cordova)
- [ ] Test OSx (Cordova)
- [ ] Test Ubuntu (Cordova)
- [ ] Test others dev environment (Non Windows)

## Requirements

- **GIT**: Have installed or Install GIT: [](
- **NODE**: Have installed or Install NODE **(5.XX)**: []( 
- **Install Global Dependencies**: `npm install --global angular-cli cordova typescript`

## Starting

# Clone this repository
git clone
cd angular-seed-cli-admin

# Install the project's dependencies
npm install


You could use Angular-CLI commands to get it running on web (ng serve) and Cordova commands to get it running at others platforms (cordova platform add android && cordova run android). > Only remember to first build the angular ng build then run the cordova cordova run android.

So, the steps are:

Web Cordova
- Run ng serve - Compile the App ng build
- Install your desired platform (one time only) cordova platform add android --save
- Run your desired platform cordova run android

VSCode: Running on Web: Ctrl + Shift + B then F5


Each platform has your specific requirements (SDK, Tools, environment) to compile/run. > - Ex: To compile/run android, must have Android Studio or Android SDK installed and a emulator or device.

- Ex: To compile windows, must have Visual Studio and be on windows to run.

See the links below to know how to install each requirement.

You could use some custom npm scripts/commands to install/run the platform:

Web npm run start
Android Platform Guide npm run npm run
IOS Platform Guide npm run install.ios npm run start.ios
Windows Platform Guide npm run npm run
OSx Platform Guide npm run install.osx npm run start.osx
Ubuntu (Linux) Platform Guide npm run install.ubuntu npm run start.ubuntu
Browser npm run install.browser npm run start.browser

LiveSync Multiplatform

You could run multiple instances in different platforms (Browser, Android and iOS only) at same time using: - Open shell then run npm run - Open another shell then run npm run cordova.livesync


├── src                             <- source code of the application
│   ├── app                         <- angular components

More details at: Angular CLI and CoreUI



Recommended extensions: - Cordova Tools - Debugger for Chrome - AngularDoc for Visual Studio Code - Auto Import

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Multiplatform Angular 2 project (Web, Mobile and Desktop) with a admin template (CoreUI) applied. ...