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mxisd is an implementation of the Matrix Identity Server which aims to provide an alternative to sydent and an external validation implementation of the Identity Service API.


If you need help, want to report a bug or just say hi, you can reach us at

For more high-level discussion about the Identity Server architecture/API, go to

How does it work

Given the 3PID [email protected], the following could be performed until a mapping is found: - LDAP: lookup the Matrix ID (partial or complete) from a configurable attribute. - DNS: lookup another Identity Server using the domain part of an e-mail and: - Look for a SRV record under - Lookup using the base domain name - Forwarder: Proxy the request to other configurable identity servers.

The lookup strategy will use a priority order and a configurable recursive/local type of request.

Quick start


  • JDK 1.8


git clone
cd mxisd
./gradlew build


  1. Create a new local config: cp application.example.yaml application.yaml
  2. Set the value to the domain value used in your Home Server configuration
  3. Provide the LDAP attributes you want to use for lookup
  4. Edit an entity in your LDAP database and set the configure attribute with a Matrix ID (e.g.


Start the server in foreground:

./gradlew bootRun

Ensure the signing key is available:

curl http://localhost:8090/_matrix/identity/api/v1/pubkey/ed25519:0

Validate your LDAP config and binding info (replace the e-mail):

curl "http://localhost:8090/_matrix/identity/api/v1/lookup?medium=email&[email protected]"

If you plan on testing the integration with a homeserver, you will need to run an HTTPS reverse proxy in front of it as the reference Home Server implementation synapse requires a HTTPS connection to an ID server.


Run all the following commands as root or using sudo

  1. Create a dedicated user: useradd -r mxisd
  2. Create config directory: mkdir /etc/mxis
  3. Change user ownership of /etc/mxis to dedicated user: chown mxisd /etc/mxis
  4. Copy <repo root>/build/libs/mxisd to /usr/bin/mxisd: cp ./build/libs/mxisd /usr/bin/mxisd
  5. Make it executable: chmod a+x /usr/bin/mxisd
  6. Copy (or create a new) ./application.yaml to /etc/mxis/mxisd.yaml
  7. Configure /etc/mxis/mxisd.yaml with production value, key.path being the most important - /etc/mxis/mxisd-signing.key is recommended
  8. Copy <repo root>/main/systemd/mxisd.service to /etc/systemd/system/ and edit if needed
  9. Enable service: systemctl enable mxisd
  10. Start service: systemctl start mxisd


  • Deb package
  • Docker container

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