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OSM Bright Map Style for Kartotherian

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OSM Bright for Kartotherian

A fork of Mapbox's style of the same name, intended for Kartotherian. This style relies on the osm-bright.tm2source datasource. Vanilla Mapbox vector tiles are not fully supported.

Viewing/Editing this style

Simple approach

  • Download and unzip osm-bright.tm2
  • create node_modules/osm-bright-fonts subdirectory
  • Download and unzip osm-bright.fonts to the node_modules/osm-bright-fonts subdir

Install Mapbox Studio Classic (version 0.3.4 only!) ATTENTION: versions 0.3.5 - 0.3.7 are broken, and will not display correct colors. To get an older version, right click on the download link, copy it, and change the version to 0.3.4.

  • click "Styles & Sources" in the bottom left, browse to the style dir, make changes to the carto-css, and SAVE! Remember that style changes only show after you click "Save".

Advanced approach

Use this approach if you have git and Node.js npm to automatically download fonts from the fonts repository.

git clone https://github.com/kartotherian/osm-bright.tm2.git
cd osm-bright.tm2
npm install

If you have Postgres with OSM database on your machine, and you want to experiment with the datasource itself, install it and set the source value in the project.yml to its location (relative paths are not supported):

source: "tmsource:///Users/msemenik/dev/osm/osm2pgsql-osm-bright.tm2source"

See Mapbox Studio Classic installation notes above.

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